Concern about Sponsership Negative Outcome due to public chat

I do not know if anyone ever brought this up in the forum, but I want to believe this is a serious topic to discuss and bring awareness to SEGA JP when it comes to sponsorship. So there was this recent Twitter post that NGS announced that three streamers would play and promote the game:

I don't know them honestly, but I was eager to see their reaction about the game in hopes it would bring more attention to new viewers. Unfortunately, it didn't end that way. While I didn't get the chance to check out their videos on NGS (because they deleted them I think), a number of comments from that tweet link explained that it was due to public chats that spammed and commented negative messages during the stream. Some players knew it was gonna happen even though SA was disabled. Trolls, haters, and bot spammers would interfere in the streams anyway and that brings a negative impact to not just viewers but streamers as well that did the sponsor. This kind of impact would cause other streamers to avoid doing sponsorship with SEGA because of the risk factors and platforms they use like Twitch.

I know the other streamers like Hololive did well the first time and they are lucky they got fans who are nice and friendly to them, but the other three streamers I feel bad for them.

My suggestion I believe (I'm sure other players mention this already) is that SEGA should add a chat filter option to disable or hide the public chat messages including pop ups bubbles, stamps etc.

It would help make it possible for streamers to sponsor the game without any worries on their end because if SEGA is really intent on gathering more streamers and vtubers to do this, then SEGA should work on the chat filter asap.

That's all I wanted to share here, but feel free to add what you think about this if you like.

Suggestion improved. Feel free to bump the thread.