Bring back the Social Quick Menu (alternative Quick Menu)

In base game Run Chat Macros & Perform Emotes are at the top of the Quick Menu list making it more convenient to menu to them on a controller. During the NGS Beta Test(s) the Quick Menu supported a feature to swap back to this functionality & with Symbol Arts/Stamps added to the list.

The way it is now it greatly hinders my ability to communicate with an additional 3-4 button presses, needlessly delaying my response(s) which can be time sensitive. I use Run Chat Macro, Perform Emotes & Symbol Arts 100x more often than Nearby Characters, Party Commands, & Quest Info.

Please, I hate how the positioning of the quick menu won't let me have emotes be the second item on the list.

I hate that there isn't a search option in the emotes menu or even being able to organize them alphabetically.