Rod photon Blast no weak point damage

I was wondering, how do you hit weak points with the Rod's Photon Blast? Dozens of times I have directed it straight at a weak spot of a downed/broken enemy, but all that ever pop are white numbers, meaning no weak point hit. Actually, the same thing happens with Assault Rifle's Photon Blast. Are these two bugged? Are they just near impossible to use right? As of now the best Photon Blast, by far, is the one for Talis, as it always hits the mark 100% of the time for full blue damage hitting weak points. Why doesn't it work with Rod (or Assault Rifle)?

It's because those PBs have giant hitboxes and they tend to collide around the weak spots rather than directly at them. There are some funky angles and some over the shoulder aiming tricks that you can use to make them land, but it is kind of scuffed atm.

Rod PB usually requires you put a good distance between you an the target. But from my experience, at the beginning of the game rod PB had no problem hitting the weakpoint at point blank, but after some maintenance it stopped hitting weakpoint at point blank.

Rod PB at close range is impossible to hit in a weak point so you need to use at long range and still there's a big chance of not hitting the weak point, unfortunately Rod and Rifle PB have a giant attack area so they have the tendency of hitting everything else first while not touching the weak point in enemies that have big and exposed weak points is not an issue but most bosses don't have those.

@AngryRhombus563 that's what I was thinking. Glad to know it's not me mis remembering.

Echoing that I noticed this became a problem sometime after launch as well. Hopefully they fix it soon; really sucks seeing those white numbers even though I'm locked on to a weak point.