[Discussion and Thoughts] My advice of improving game system and market mechanism. [1].Use 5 of the same type (name) of weapon and/or armor of Lv0 Fixa to reforge into Lv1 Fixa with about 10% Success rate. [This will fix the non-value 4 stars weapons that are 1,000 mesetas and help some of the mesetas inflation.] [2].Use 2 of the same type (name) of weapon and/or armor of same type and lv of Fixa to gain higher lv Fixa with 70% Success rate. Such as Lv2 Fixa attacks x2 to reforge into Lv3 Fixa Attacks. [To make previous point make more sense and help market mechanism more flow] [3].Damage scoreboard at the end of Emergency Quest to give fame to those dedicated. [Some people just doesn’t care to do good equipment and that’s Ok. Just give some fame to those who dedicated.] [4].As of now, Emergency Quest is World quest and can only be done once a time while Gigantic is more like a map quest but drop better items. This should be swap. Emergency Quest should drop more unique item since it is a world quest with special announcement not just enormouse amount of EXP. [5]. Revive players give you small amount of Exp or Hp. [To give incentives to revive players]