Are the "ankle wings" something I can find in the treasure shop?

Looking at forum posts it seems these were released in Fresh Finds before I started playing. Not sure if they ever reappeared but I've apparently been sleeping on them.

I don't really know what's available through the treasure shop. I rarely see accessories and it's usually something I saw before. No way I'm going to gamble SG without understanding the shop.

Judging by the things that I have seen in the treasure shop, as well as what appears in this thread, I think it's safe to asume you won't see the Ankle Wings ever appear there, as most of the stuff that appears daily is either color variants of default accesories and reruns from previous FUN Scratch accesories and emotes.

I would recommend checking the current Accesory Collection to see if there's any alternative you can get, otherwise you're out of luck, pal.

Yeah, sadly FF has ran it’s course.

They’re already recycling old SG deal items into NGS scratches, so I’d stay tuned to anything SG related to see if they’ll bring them back. 😉

The Fresh Finds Shop and Mission Pass by extension were distinctly separated AC Scratch items which meant we would never have gotten those AC Scratches and as a result were both time-gated and account-bound items.

The Treasure Shop on the Japanese version (and now on the Global version) never gave away AC Scratch items in that way and the Japanese version would introduce revivals (new color variants, returning items, and so on) being attached to new AC Scratches at times. The Global version included rerun scratches, and New Genesis has taken this approach by having Rewind Scratches of some sort.

Your best hope for it on Global is to hope for a rerelease especially if it was formerly a Fresh Finds Shop or Mission Pass item.