Is it just me or does NGS not incentivise teamwork nearly as much?

Plus the removal of racial identities doent help also. In both PSO and PSU the diffrent races had different perks, making some more suitable for certain stuff as others. In PSO they went even so far that CAST type characters couldn't even use techs at all. Even amongst jobs there were differences in which tech you could learn to begin with, or some type of tech your class would get a bonus with. In PSU some races had different type of usage for the PB mechanic CAST summon huge weaponry, beast had their transforms which gave a certain absurd stat boost for some time.

I missed these racial triats already in PSO 2 base, although that still had a race select. Now in NGS race is just a matter of fashion you have equipped. Hell they even refused to call the left over choice you have in char creation by it's own name, which is just gender and male/female instead op bodytype 1 and 2......

You don't need the holy traingle per se for teamplay, but for sure some differences aside for what type of dmg you deal would be nice for teamplay feeling. Just take a look at GW2, each class feels different enough,but they all can do their own stuff while lvling. But when a map event pops up and some random people gather to beat it, there still is no party needed to actually get the feeling you are fighting something together, instead of just a few people doing their own thing and who happeen to be beating the same mob.

@Illanya Personally I prefer the idea that teamplay involves coordination or actually cooperating by doing what you which was something you couldn't really organize or see well in large groups. Some of my favorite challenges in the original game was trying to coordinate something like Time Attacks as a team, clearing Challenge Mission Quests as a very small team (such as two or three people), or attempting a very long run in Endless Quests. I wouldn't put Twisted with Hatred here in this same level of cooperation because that was essentially expanding the solo fight (solo Sodam Depth 100) and spreading it out to bigger risk with four players so that all players essentially would still be playing solo but happen to be with others. I would definitely still point to cooperative Endless Quests or an organized Emergency Quest run being more cooperative if only because you typically know who you're running with rather than a random player who may or not may not be on the casual side of things (such as expecting a Ranger to shoot Weak Bullet often while also prefiring attacks).

I can't imagine trying to bring this kind of "teamwork" to a fight like the Rockbear and expect complete synergy when it's so easy to just beat on the boss over the head until they fall over. At the same time, in New Genesis, all bosses and enemies are now affected by something similar to Luther's clock-opening mechanic via status effects meaning that there is definitely an element of teamwork when it comes to capable players and classes exposing weak points and exploiting enemy weaknesses.

I never liked the racial differences because it limited player options but my perspective is because I enjoy playing action games where none of those smaller number-crunching aspects are actually considered as part of the gameplay (for instance in Dragon's Dogma Online, your gender, your height, and your character build don't affect your gameplay performance in a substantial way compared to your actual playstyle and your gear). I don't mind seeing the return of something like expanded Photon Blast mechanics or Chain Blasts but I would love if it was definitely more substantial than the way it was implemented (I hated being held hostage because the person who started the Chain Blast link would hold it or that some players legitimately didn't know about linking to the Chain Blast and I really think you can point to games like Granblue Fantasy: Relink as having a much superior implementation in tying together these attacks).

In my experience, you can have teamwork during a Vet spawn while everyone forgets to go hold the Giga.

The Giga despawned after the Vet is dead.

So the merit in working together is killing the enemies fast and building up your gear to contribute as much DPS as possible.

Everyone seems to have the same rare drop rates with the same drop table chances unless boosted.

Teamwork is present as mention its just not force upon the players as the world mindset is not quite team focus to a degree.

You can make a team driven group because of to skills Warcry and Shift. Its just a matter of how u look at it.

4 grp, tank, healer or fluffer, 2 focus dps

Now SEGA be gentle with your nerf wand pls as you gave us Bujin and not everyone pro clicker yet.

@MrBoomblam Yeah, I vastly differentiate on my counter predictions because I react to some attacks a little to fast for the effect to be recognized after a split second of the chance being missed with rod's rotation guard.

Not everyone guards, either, so more Fo/Techs out on the field, the better.

@MasterDarkwingz Facts, definitely when applying force with gleant armor. Either your going to chase the clouds or get struck. How I feel the scales are already prepared for the weigh in.