Favorite Book(s)

What is you're favorite book(s) and/or book series in general? I love the Eragon, the Inheritance series. I'm a sucker for magic and dragons.

Star Wars books by Michael Stackpole. It's too bad that the expanded universe's canon relevance was swept out by Disney. They'd have been good material to work with.

@Robsynclair64 I feel your pain about star wars. So many good things and sources to use and they just ignore it.

When it comes to western books I would have to say just about any of the Forgotten Realms books. To many really good authors to really pick a favorite but I love reading them. I've been collecting and reading the books since the early 90's.

I read everything from high fantasy, sci-fi, horror, crime, erotica... I could expand on the last one but we'll keep it pg 😂. Raymond E Feist is a fantasy god imo, Cassandra Claire is cool, Steig Larson, Stephen King, Maggie Ryan. Most of my reading is done on the clock at work. I work in a psych hospital so spend a fair bit of time watching people sleep 😋

I enjoy Marvel comics from 2015. I don't really enjoy the new ones, but maybe that's just me getting old.

Due to the nostalgia of it, I always say that my favorite book is The Giver, and I also enjoyed the rest of the Quartet, though I feel that Son ended up being a bit of a disappointing end to it with its last third.

My favorite leisure reading is the Discworld series since I really do love how Pterry took the piss out of established fantasy tropes so well, and so far my favorite has been Reaper Man.

Other than that, I am a big fan of Tim O'Brien; The Things They Carried and Going After Cacciato were very fundamental in shaping my view of the world when I was a young adult.

The Rings of Saturn by W. G. Sebald is what comes to mind first. It's unlike anything else I've ever read. He has the most unique prose I've ever come across. When I encountered that book I had this feeling of... "I didn't know this is exactly how I've always wanted to write. And some guy has already done it!"