Suggestion: Change Salon Accessory Cost System

As title says, with many players trying to dress up their characters this is a strange hinderance with the current 12 slot system. You give us 12 slots but only 18 cost cap. The big problem is most accessories cost around 3 or 4 each. That means we get around 4 to 6 accessories. Don't get me wrong the already increased slot count is great, but with the current cost system it is over restricting it. Simply lowering the costs on accessories to 1 or 2, instead of the average 3 to 4, would let us use 9 minimum up to the 12 max. IF managing costs is too much just remove it entirely, and leave us the 12 slots. Otherwise if that's too much work to change each and every accessory cost, you could change the cap to 3 to 4 times more the slot count (36-48). I'm sure the restrictions are in place to stop people from having some, for lack of better wording, ridiculous outfit that just is to the point of being obnoxious. With that in mind certain things could be left at higher costs, while other things are lowered. I'd love to hear others' inputs on the matter as well. I'm sure I missed something, or lack a different approach to the matter. At the end of the day, as many of us say and/or joke about, phasion is endgame. Thanks to all who read this, add their inputs, and hopefully it is taken into consideration for a future change. Apologies if I missed an already existing thread covering this topic.

@KrazyK said in Suggestion: Change Salon Accessory Cost System:

I'm sure the restrictions are in place to stop people from having some, for lack of better wording, ridiculous outfit that just is to the point of being obnoxious.

Its probably in place so they can sell increased cost cap later on.

I was hoping that wouldn't be the case, but it will be a sad reality if they go that route.

I would prefer to have empty slots I can't utilize due to having maxed out my cost, then to still have room for cost yet no slots to put them in. So to me, it feels entirely natural and obvious that we should have more slots than we are able to utilize.

Now whether the points assigned to individual accessories are reasonable, is another matter. D'Or Veil taking 9 points is something I still can't understand. It isn't particularly complex, and doesn't have a lot of flow. The Casado Back Ribbon clearly has more vertices and flow to it, yet takes only a fraction of the cost.

My first reaction to the points system when they announced before NGS went live, was that it looked like something to control the total GPU cost of a look, to avoid a couple of players tanking framerates for everyone else around them. But having no data nor understanding of 3D modeling, I'm not entirely sure of this.

Note that besides the cost associated with displaying, there's also the cost associated with transmitting each player's accessory setup to everyone else around, so everyone else can display the player. Allowing too much customization will impact the gaming experience by having a longer delay before other players are displayed properly.

Some of us don't care, but imagine when every single player you come across spends 2-3 seconds as that default grey model before updating. It doesn't feel good. Of course, this is an exaggerated scenario that probably simply isn't possible, but that's the idea behind carefully controlling player customization options.

Personally I'm fine with the current accessory system. I find myself not wishing for more points nor more slots, but for more flexible options. There are many base PSO2 accessories that doesn't allow adjusting attachment point, for example. And many have extremely limited offset/rotation/size options that give them extremely limited creative use. I hope they take care making NGS accessories a lot more flexible.

Yeah I agree. Like for example if someone took those rainbow wings and just had 12 giant pairs of those would just be an eyesore and probably put a load on character loading as well. Yes we do have a setting to adjust how many people get fully rendered in, but like you said it only takes one person to possibly put a damper on the loading speed. That's why I would be fine with items like that having a higher cost to limit them, but just like you said some of the items' costs don't really make sense as to why they have such a high cost. I too lack knowledge on the 3D modeling and how that can impact load times. I guess the only way we would find out is if they were to disclose how they go about assigning costs to accessories. I too hope they make the NGS accessories flexible, so we can make more neat looks. I have yet to get a NGS outfit or accessories, outside of the free options, and I haven't even really messed around with those, since they didn't interest me enough to do so.