So with collection scratch coming to NGS can we get a voice one?

Pretty much the title. PSO2 NA team eluded to more voice tickets coming after the PSO2Comi voices dropping yet that aside from kirito/asuna's voice was all that we got.

I understand some collaboration voices being a no but what about voices that come from the actual PSO2 game release? Ever since I played on JP I had used Xeno's JP voice (Since 2013 or 2014) and I would love to use it again because it sounds nice since it gives the "I am the main protagonist" sound. I honestly do not care for NA voices because frankly a large amount of them that I have heard sound disingenuous/over-exaggerated.

Thanks for reading.

Yes, we need this I can't believe after all the asking for this we haven't gotten any way to get the voices of the base pso2 NPCs that don't have their voices as an option by default.