The Big PSO2 Content Creators are too Laid-back on SEGA

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired of all the big content creators for pso2 that provide us info on the game trying way too hard to calm people down and stop us from being upset with SEGA about how NGS is currently. It's not 9 years ago still, the content release model isn't still acceptable we should be trying to wake SEGA up to this fact. We shouldn't just sit back and hope it all gets better on it's own, it won't unless we keep speaking up about it.

There are multiple Phantasy Star games with similar gameplay to PSO2 at this point and also the entire base game to create different types of content in NGS after. Let's not pretend that the live service model has anything to do with them only giving us the bare minimum in terms of gameplay variation to keep people playing the game. It's not created from square one so the game shouldn't be built as if it is. I understand not carrying everything over immediately, but this is a completely different situation than that, it's not that they couldn't incorporate more varied gameplay immediately they chose not to for whatever reason, which just hurts everyone including themselves.

Anyway the point of this post was don't listen to these people trying to tell you the situation we're in with how NGS is at the moment is acceptable, it's not! You're right to be upset about it because this might as well be an early beta test of the game, this in no way can be called the release version how it is now.

I wish we could convince the content creators to see it this way, because SEGA might just listen to them, if they ever decide to not just twiddle their thumbs, and stop pretending they know things they can't possibly know about the future of the game and what SEGA's plans are.

Heh. Can I be the first to say it? Alright, I'll say it:

If only content creators created content.

I don't think any of them have made it seem as if it's acceptable. Sure they don't want people being complete arseholes to SEGA but that's to be expected. Too much negativity pushes people away.

I don't know what's going on at SEGA but they better get a move on. I recently saw the roadmap get updated and mag evolution get pushed back 1 month (it was meant to be added with Braver). We already have delays even though content is severely lacking. This could be because of all the bugs I don't know but it's not good.

Whoever was in charge of making the decision to release the game in it's current state really fucked up. The game is bare bones right now. Surely they've played it and realise this. I've been there for so many MMO launches and all of them had more to offer at the start than PSO2 NG. Take Guild wars 2 as an example. Way more to do on launch so I don't want to hear this "but PSO2 launched with less content than NG" bullshit. The only one that probably comes close to being as much as a collossal fuck up is FF14 at launch. At least they ended up addressing that though.

@Zenny said in The Big PSO2 Content Creators are too Laid-back on SEGA:

I don't think any of them have made it seem as if it's acceptable.

Agreed; not the ones I've seen anyway. I'd categorise it more as reasonable discontent.

Sega didn't take a hint in forever, we don't need content creators to change that obvious fact. The hype is gone, so is most the player base. I love pso, but I hate this "let's add stuff later mentality". Those are players which 99% will never take a step back into the game.

@Zenny Nah I definitely have heard some of them numerous times being like SEGA's doing their best be patient with them guys, development takes a while. As if that's any defense for the lack of sustainable content on release, or the fact there were so many major bugs which could have been prevented if they had an open beta test and they actually worked on bugs in a more timely manner by communicating and finding out all the issues we're having, before just calling this a release version.

The creators didn't just sound like they don't want people trolling in the way they worded it, they made it sound like we should relax and let SEGA do their thing and take their time.

It looks unfinished, I don’t think it was ready yet for full release but here we are. It’s pretty and I like the combat but a game needs to be more than that.

And yes the content creators could possibly change SEGA's mind because the forums are kind of hidden away and people just think they're a toxic wasteland.

If you look up pso2 and the first thing you see is videos of people voicing well constructed arguments on why this isn't acceptable, then it reaches more people and is really bad publicity.

I think one of the problems of things posted on the forums is they don't spread enough, so they kinda just stay in the depths of the forums no matter what we say. We need people talking about this stuff more not just brushing it aside.

Sega is a triple A company, they do not need people apologizing for them. They are milking us for all we're worth while giving us nothing. Content creators need to start being aggressively critical like WoW's, because this game is in a dying KMMO tier state.

@Riesz Content creators for NA do not have any pull really. I'm pretty sure some of them have even said that themselves. Sure Sega has worked with them before and they probably have their videos watched on occassion by someone from Sega but all they can do is pass it on.

They are obviously far more tame on most issues but like I said they probably don't want any negativity. I mean if they decide to shit on the game in most videos due to how bad launch was and how lacking content is they'll probably be finished with Sega as far as opportunities go and looked at like some whiney baby. That's how Blizzard looks at the players anyway and I'm sure it's that way for many other companies.

@Zenny There's a way for it to be constructive and not just seem like they're being negative just to be negative without thought put into it. If SEGA pulled away from them over that it would make it worse for themselves too. I know they don't directly have power but having yes men trying to make players stop being upset about legitimate concerns isn't helping anything, if SEGA watched their videos they'd get the message of everything's fine when it's not.

They probably avoid the forums like the plague, so the content creators I feel are where they're likely looking for opinions from, as they don't seem to fix bugs until a content creator makes the bug public.

Usually the reasoning the content creators use to silence people is SEGA needs time to test the content out to find bugs. But let's be real, the content on the roadmap's gonna be just as buggy if they released some of that content at the specified timeframe or if they released it now. From what we've seen so far the NGS team isn't very good at finding bugs, and they need us to find them and hopefully actually use our bug reports to fix them, so I say earlier is better, so we get people finding the bugs quicker.

Also I'm not sure why SEGA won't just release small bits of content at a time within shorter time intervals at least, saving big chunks of content to be released all at once rather than continually giving us small bits of content doesn't work very well, especially with how long it is between each major update.

I've not heard any content creator state that they're happy with how things are right now. I wouldn't assume people are okay just because they're not raising arms about it. Besides Sega has always and still continues to really only care about their JP base. That's not anything we have control over. JP (and not just for pso2) is always hyper critical with stuff they don't like. So I wouldn't take a lack of action on Sega's part as the community signaling everything as okay.

Sega's inaction is this way because it's how they've always been both with Phantasy star as a franchise and their other franchises as well. You'd really have to get the gaming industry as a whole to start bullying Sega and their practices to get any sort of change done.

@Knight-Raime If you haven't seen what I've been talking about in this thread from content creators you haven't been looking very hard, because I've seen most of the well known ones say that we should give SEGA time to work on content to fix bugs in almost every video about news about NGS. Which just gives SEGA another excuse to take much longer than necessary to add new content which should have already been in the game, and then it will end up being buggy anyway.

And now after a year it all sinks in to those blinded by 10 years of content being released within a 8 month period.

You see, Sega works at a very veeeeeery slow pace. Even Base pso2 took 10 years to get where it is with 6 episodes. Let's not stop there, because it's team sonic making the game by the way, and what is a Sega game without bugs made by team sonic?

The penultimate point here is that Content Creators, and us by the way were over-saturated when Sega decided to release a 10 year old game in it's near entirety in less than a year. They do not know how long Sega's work schedule goes on for, or how far it stretches out. We won't get any noteworthy expansions until December or January, and after that it's anyone's guess when the next major patch will be. It could take another 2 years for the third region, maybe longer.

So maybe these "Content Creators" can absorb monumental donations from the masses elsewhere, because PSO2 is a very long-winded, and very slow progressing game development-wise.