[NGS] N-Color Change Pass /w Premium Bug

Around 8pm. yesterday I use use Salon free pass and N-Color change pass but I didnt get 1 hr color change although I have Premium pass

@Mammon Quite unfortunately global site hasn't posted it yet, but JP official site made an announcement about the very bug you mentioned (https://pso2.jp/players/support/bugfixes/i_measures_20210716_1/) at Friday night. On the announcement, they asked players to avoid using N-Color Change Pass (or Color Change Pass) and Salon Free Pass at the same time, until the bug get fixed.

@Fiona-Respha So sad, I expect they have some compensatation.

@Mammon The JP announcement say nothing about players who had met this bug before the announcement, so I feel they are not going to make compensations for this issue. Personally, I think you are entitled to get the color change pass back.

same here, I've used N-Color-Change Pass from login reward today with Free Salon Pass immeaditely then got crashed while leaving the Salon.

then, I found that re-editing Period from Premium state has been Vaporized after relog, so Frustrating.

it occured 2021-07-20, TUE, around pm 03:27 (UTC) for me.