I have several Xbox accounts that I use for additional party members in another game. Only one has a Premium NGS PSO account.

I created a non-Premium account character and a Premium account character. Today I logged into the non-Premium character and checked the Player Shop for a launcher weapon. There were DOZENS of Straga Launchers available for sale.

I logged onto my Premium character to purchase a Straga Launcher from the Player Shop and they were not available and did not come up in a search.

I logged back onto non-Premium character and they were visible again. I checked which Block I was on (66) then switched to my Premium character.

I transfered my Premium character to Block 66 and checked Player Shop. Again the Straga Launcher was NOT visible.

My Premium character is level 20 and is able to sell items in the Player Shop. Why can I NOT see certain items for sale that my non-Premium character can?