unlocking potential bug

Trying to unlock potential on this weapon, but I keep getting this error no matter what I try. Sent a ticket to support and their reply was it's a random bug just try again. Like wtf you think I've been doing,? Highly frustrated with this game right now, so close to getting vpn and going back to my JP account . I should have known better after all these years , any version of PSO not run in Japanese market is trashpso20210716_103918_000.jpg pso20210716_103932_001.jpg

@somd215-0 i have the same problem, did u find any solution?

No solution, I'm stuck with a weapon I can't upgrade. According to Sega's reply it's a random bug that should fix itself if you log off and on again, but that is not working for me. They supposedly tested multiple weapons on multiple test accounts they have and could not recreate the bug so we SOL I guess?

yea so far thats not working for me too. but i hope they fix it next scheduled maintenance. did u show them those screenshots?

Yes, I attached them , but who knows if they even looked at them.

btw do u know how to keep track of the ticket u submitted? i tried submitting but i dont know how to know if they replied or not.


The reply will be sent to your registered E-mail, that's the only way you will know. If you completed the ticket process then they received it.

@somd215-0 oh btw i managed to unlock my weapon's potential. I was just randomly trying and it worked, not sure why. I hope urs works too.

Wow, glad it worked for you. I've been trying all weekend randomly, still no luck. I even reinstalled the damn game, still nothing.

Edit: Just got it to work now, no idea what fixed it or why it was happening in the first place.

Did anyone know how to solve this problem?

@somd215-0 nice i think its just purely random. no clue what fixed it with mine either.

@nadroj311 so far no. u just have to keep trying until it works. i was just trying randomly every once in a while when it worked for me. hope they fix this tho.

I dealt with this very early on at launch and it did indeed resolve itself when I just kept trying a lot. Something similar occurred with me and a cooking recipe I made as well. All attempts to eat from said recipe resulted in a connection error...that one never resolved so I just overwrote the recipe

Encountered this error today. I tried moving my items around. I moved all of my upgrade materials from the storage back to my inventory and I was able to use the unlock potential again. Weird bug.