I have noticed now that there are more people in the Super Hard difficulty range I find less runs where people are running around triggering the Emergency Codes repeatedly. The average I have encountered the last three times playing this UQ is users clear everything on the way to the boss and then immediately enter the boss area. This is not the best way to the complete this UQ and I shall explain why.

In terms of EXP gain -- going straight to the boss and killing enemies along the way -- it is very minimal. The normal Chrome Dragon offers very little experience and your chances for getting a PSE burst is very unlikely. (PSE Bursting is very good experience). By continually exploring the Map for 20 minutes rather than going to the boss, your EXP gains will be much higher due to the infected mob spawns, infected boss spawns, and the chance for the "Protect the energy crystals" emergency code. Successfully completing Protect the energy Crystals guarantees a cross burst.

In terms of rare drops Chrome Dragon (the final area boss) is worse than his rare variant which can spawn from Emergency Codes. The "Husk" version of Chrome Dragon gives relatively good units in comparison, however I cannot confirm what weapons have a possibility of coming from him at this time. The Falspawn enemies drop Nox weapons (which sell decently currently) and all the mobs have high enough levels to qualify for 13* weapons, but again I am unsure what line drops from these two enemy types. You will also get a lot more Unique Badges by farming the Map and triggering Emergency Codes for 20 minutes rather than just clearing whatever happens on the way to the boss. Quartz also spawns from Emergency Codes.

It basically comes down to two ways of doing it: Either farm the map or rush straight to the boss to speed clear Chrome Dragon (if there were some reason you wanted/needed to rapidly farm him). I don't even bother clearing the UQ myself and allow it to fail due to timing out, however IF YOU NEED UQ CLEARS FOR A WEEKLY REWARD either budget the time to clear it or run it 5 times hyper quickly on Normal.

The last reason I offer is that taking 10 minutes to get to the boss is wasteful if you are using Rare/Exp/Triboosters. If you are rushing Chrome, only use the Rare Drop and Tribooster. If you are farming the Map, use everything but your Meseta booster.