Include a filter for base PSO2 cosmetics and NGS cosmetics on the market.

The base PSO2 cosmetics introduced by the revival AC scratch into the NGS marketplace are clogging absolutely every last page. I shouldn't have to sort through 600,000 Akira and Howzer hairs to try and find the NGS hairstyles I like. Yes, I know I can just pop open the prize list in the AC scratch and manually reference that way.

So tell me, what will I do when come the 21st when a good chunk of the NGS scratches end and I can no longer look at the prize list?

If I could just hide already-owned hairstyles, that'd be HUGE, but instead of giving the option to not display already owned cosmetics in the marketplace, they're merely dithered out, which means I'm still having to dig through piles and piles and piles of base PSO2 cosmetics.

Would be nice if we could hide unusable items on the market.

This should be a suggestion! I fully support it. You have to know the name or you’re screwed finding anything right now.