[NGS] symbol art bug

Symbol art not displaying ID name correctly when talking in Alliance or groupID.png

Im on XB my friend on XB sees it like this as well my PC friend sees my nomal ID

It seemed too or fix itself when I logged on today but maybe a recurring issue

@Drakaina symbol art was recently deactivated due to excessive SPAM

@TURION-MOONSTAR SAs are only blocked in area chat right now, yet they still work in the other channels (Party, Alliance, Whispers, and Group), if you look at the screenshot, that SA was used in the Alliance channel.

The Glitch is back now it's not displaying the name correctly just logged on today at 7:16 p.m. 18/7/21

It’s definitely an issue where they disabled area chat SA

@Pariah-Chan it is Alliance chat though and it comes and goes