I think I did a big oopsie...

So, I bought the Gigantix 4 star rarity sword weapon.

I used to have an Resurgir weapon upgraded to level 32 already, and unlocked It's potential to level 2, with 3 affixes installed. However, I thought the Gigantix weapon series of the sword would be an upgrade because it seems to have gradualy bigger damage.

I used my Resurgir to boost up my Gigantix weapon sword up to level 38, installed affixes into it and got It's potential to level 2, however the difference is that the potential of this weapon gives -10% damage reduction (Which makes you receive more damage, a horrible trade with the Resurgir IMO), which compared to the Resurgir I had that gave extra critical rate for dodging an attack on It's potential upgrades.

Yeah... I'm not rich with Meseta either... I know some people already have multiple classes at level 20 and have like 8 weapons upgraded to level 40. But seriously, aside from the market and pay2win players, how do y'all manage to get upgrades, good gear and meseta quickly? I'm mostly limited in weeklies and farming those Yellow reactors thingys (Which can be get from the event charcter), but still not so much meseta...

I have Premium so I can't really give any meseta advice.

But I will say that it's not that much of a loss. If you're playing any class that isn't Ranger then you should be trying to parry more than dodge. If you're able to parry relatively consistently then the 10% debuff will mean nothing.

@Cerisa Thanks, I feel reassured.

This is why I hate the lack of ways to make Meseta in this game, we have no room for error or to experiment. Every single purchase decision has to be carefully thought out. One mistake can set you back weeks.

@HermitST to subvert this, experiment with your multi weapon ideas using low level weapons to start, if need be. It is far less expensive to combine these items. It is also possible to preview what the potential does for each item, so there doesn’t need to be a loss there at all.

And rest assured Topic Creator, you will have many weapons in your PSO career, and like the above poster said, the damage nerf is a non-issue once you learn how to parry. The straga series is technically the strongest for your weapon. You didn’t make the wrong choice

@ZeroNineteen As mention by this ARK the message is true in its current state.

To the original poster I would suggest that you invest in a 3 star weapon and make it 4 star able.

What Im suggesting? Make the weapon powerful so you can go out and pay your straga upgrade bills. Learn what is worth to invest in material cost vs. experience gain in salvaging other weapons.

With the region mag, food perks, and potential lvl 3 on a 3 star the only way is up when building a 4 star. The meseta will come and if you have PREMIUM it will happen much sooner.

Think about it

@MrBoomblam said in I think I did a big oopsie...:

To the original poster I would suggest that you invest in a 3 star weapon and make it 4 star able.

Currently the difference in upgrade costs(1) between 3* and 4* weapons is about 40k n-meseta (~530k vs 570k).

On the otherhand, a fully upgraded Tzivia costs about 325k for 264 ATKx1.26 potential while a fully upgraded Primm costs about 177k and has 259 ATKx1.24 from the potential. (For comparison at Straga +40 lvl 4 is 283x1.27)

(1) All costs are based on using Silver Primm Swords as fodder. 1* and 2* weapons can use them straight while it is more cost effective to merge 6 Silver Primm Swords into a Silver Primm Sword +20.

@ultimatecalibur So the Silver Primm weapons holds it value even when leveling a straga. Good find.

On the other side units are still costly no worries we have time until december.


Just barely. Same item fodder enhancement is slightly more cost effective for 4* weapons at 225 XP per 1k spent vs 203.5 XP per 1k spend for Silver Primm Sword +20 (made with 6 Silver Primm Swords) and 200 per 1k spent for Gold Primm Sword +29 (made from 13 Gold Primm Swords).

Cattleya, Geant, Quala De and Vialto armor is better done with same item fodder though getting 39 fodder copies of the same unit can take a while but only costs 156k plus materials. For Arga, Belta and Sheza the current best method is using random Cattleya, Geant, Qual de and Vialto pieces as fodder costing a total of 236k plus materials.

Tzivia +20s are a bit of a trap costing 488k plus materials to max out a 4*.

@ultimatecalibur Darn got to use those weekly n-meseta checks wisely. The cost of units going to +40 is quite a lambo. Honestly, I forecast events and possibly side quest as priority. People say its nothing to do don't quite see the nature of why things are this way.

Thanks calibur

Got to get to churning

If you aren't going grind every weapon you get then the optimal solution for the best and cheapest weapon is to grind a Primm weapon to 40 and you'll be above the Attack power as base of any other weapon you would have bought/got. You can save money like that.

I don't have straga weapons but I prefer cattleya Sword anyways and Qual de Armor: Sheza is imo better than Geant Armor imo even though Geant Armor has higher base BP.

THe best way to make money is to just slow and steady. Save what is worthwhile to save and learn to efficiently use your resources. Though really you can also shout at the wind and tell your other players to stop putting crazy prices on everything.