The stamp ticket item "STP: Aina - Joy" is not shown greyed out even after the ticket was used

The ticket item "STP: Aina - Joy" is not shown in greyed out status even after the item has already been used. I expect it to be shown like the "737: Bow" ticket item also shown in the screen shot below.

If I try to use it, the system shows the following dialog as if it is a valid item to use.


But actually the game returns an error message as "STP: Aina - Joy is either already been used or cannot be used.".


Honestly I don't know if this is a bug or an expected behavior. But this behavior is quite different from other ticket items and very confusing. I hope it will be handled in the same way as other ticket items.

As additional info, I haven't checked out about other stamp ticket items. This Aina stamp is the only one I got multiple instances of the same item.

Its a bug since I got that same stamp a few times and already used it once, yet all the duplicates are not greyed out.

And like in your situation, this is the only stamp I got multiples of.

Yeah it does this for every stamp. They have known about it and still haven't fixed it.