Impose Level Requirements to UQS or Make the Damage Attenuation Change Not Apply to Them

I was never able to do this until now, but I found a major problem with the changes to the damage attenuation system that is really bad for Urgent Quests. You can get the BP required to enter the boss without being within the level range of the boss, so it becomes possible to only be able to do 1 damage to the boss and hog a player slot in the UQ. This should not be possible, so this system still needs some work for UQs. I understand the player hogging a slot won't scale the Boss' HP up either, but why even allow this to happen?

This works for enemies in the open world because there are much more player slots, so a few under-leveled people in the map doesn't matter so much, but with the limited slots in UQs, it's really bad that someone could enter the UQ and not be able to actually do anything to the boss.

There really should have always just been a minimum level requirement for urgent quests so things like this couldn't happen. I understand the recent change to damage attenuation is because of people having issues with under leveled players trying to fight Gigantix, but this is a major issue for UQs that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

I believe just imposing a level requirement for the Urgent Quests is probably the easiest solution for this problem.

It should be battle power and level

@Riesz Have you confirmed in-game that the disabling of -5 level players is also in work for the UQs?

@Fiona-Respha The way you worded that is confusing, but yes I entered a UQ with the correct BP but a level that's lower than the level you need to do full damage to the boss (I was level 12, and the boss is level 17) and was doing 1 damage with everything. They really messed up with not considering that situation and adding a level restriction to UQs with the damage attenuation changes.

@Riesz Thank you for the clarifications! I was wondering if the measures taken to Gigantix and Veterans also affects UQ bosses. Seeing from what they announced, it was quite likely to be, but I haven't seen anyone who actually confirmed that.

Going back to topic, I agree with adding level requirements to UQs. Under the current system, there's little merit for allowing low level players to join UQs.

I'm not even surprised lmao

I thought, I joined an UQ at lvl 12 on accident, I was on an alt Character and joined the uq, was in it and started fighting before I realized I was lvl 12, but I was hurting the boss like normal. This could or could not have happened, but it was like 2 days ago so I'll do it again soon to be sure.

I thought this happened, but for the most part you really can't get into an UQ under leveled unless you do it on purpose. They still should have a lvl and BP req so people can't be bad actors about it.