Base pso2 needs some love :(

They can at least add back in random concerts and give us the option for all the UQs as triggers.

Manifested PlanetBreaker UQ was amazing and I have fond memories of Beach Wars. Unlikely to see either of them ever again, what a shame.

PSO2 is dead, baby. Everything dies. Especially Phantasy Star servers.

Some love for pso2. Not exactly the rotating seasonal events/uqs and limited stuff that people here probably wanted, but its a pretty decent pool of mission pass items being reran plus a lot of free SG pick tickets

Some of the items were also removed SG exchange items.

@LusterMain said in Base pso2 needs some love 😞: Some love for pso2.

This is a good sign, hopefully more campaigns like this can solve the bridge that still exists on items not yet given to Global. Glad to see this happen!

@Zephinism said in Base pso2 needs some love 😞:

Manifested PlanetBreaker UQ

This is available as a Trigger Quest item from the Treasure Shop. Mining Base Defense: Incursion and Armada Training: Final Lament is also available there as well and is the only place to get them as of now.

Unfortunately, they cost Star Gems so they might not be worth it.

@Ísaac said in Base pso2 needs some love 😞:

Am I delusional in hoping that maybe Sega will someday replay some content in base pso2? Like the Limited time quests that we got before (Space Magatsu, SP break through training, Mop-up)? and also the 2021 badge exchange shop that JP had. Please SEGA, make this happen!

Good news! Your plea was answered and they made an event to revisit PSO2! ❤

All those headmounts. I wish there was an Io headmount though.

I've been wondering, are concerts still happening in old PSO2 or where they all removed? I haven't seen one since NGS came out.

Concerts don't happen in the game anymore, which is a shame because that means new players won't be able to get the concert titles alongside their rewards, such as ARKS Dance.

That's really sad to hear, concerts where very fun, especially the We Are ARKS / Rare Drop KOI KOI and the Cosmic Twinkle Star / At The End Of Light ones, since players could actually participate in the dance routines. I hope they change their minds and bring them back.