Suggestions regarding AC Scratches


  1. Let us preview items listed in the "Scratch Count Bonus". These form part of our purchase decision, and it feels bad to be denied any kind of preview, as a paying customer.
  2. Show if we have already used an emote or not in the detail panel of an emote, like how accessories and hairstyles are shown. It is annoying to have to browse through my list of emotes to make sure I'm not scratching for an emote I already have. (Yes I know they black out on the market, I'm not talking about the market.)
  3. Let mouse clicks work for emote previews that support it.
  4. Support taking off layered wears in the preview. It's becoming annoying to have to swap into outfits and hairstyles that doesn't hinder previews.
  5. Let us buy from the market directly through the Prize List > Check Item Market Prices interface? This may be asking a lot, but I'm sure you can see how convenient this will be.

Just some suggestions to improve the AC Scratch experience.

Yeah, they really should let us view the scratch count bonuses so we know what they are.