4 PSO2 Revival AC Scratches 7/14 - 8/4

Oh forgot, each category also have certain stuff locked behind pull bonuses, the worse one being accessory, 115 pull bonus

Lobby Actions https://pso2.jp/players/catalog/acscratch/20210714_01/bonus.html

Hair Style https://pso2.jp/players/catalog/acscratch/20210714_02/bonus.html

Accessories https://pso2.jp/players/catalog/acscratch/20210714_03/bonus.html

Weapon Camo https://pso2.jp/players/catalog/acscratch/20210714_04/bonus.html

Choice ticket every 15 pulls

Interesting. The Camera 2 pose was a pull bonus, I have that one. Did Global ever get the playing with cats emote? I would love to have that, maybe I missed it.

With these being from pso2 are they releasing in ngs, pso2 base, or both?

NGS player shop only

Thanks so much 😄 wow, looking for those hidden goodies in hereeeee x3

Still no pages for global version but maint is getting extended


@HarmlessSyan heeeeeere we go.

can we get a "CROSS BURST!"?

this weapon camo scratch is garbage

there are loads of weapon camos global has never had access to and they have stuff like cookie bag and the zodiac series in there.


It's a good thing they're noting it because players had already noticed before these scratches came that certain items were already able to be recycled for the N recycle badges despite not being earnable in NGS yet. So now we have an explanation for that.

I'm liking the emote series, for sure. Fun fact, Throwback Collection 1 on Global was a collection of the first four AC scratch series that contained all but six of the emotes from that series. At a glance it looks like all six of those emotes found their way into this new series which means either their inclusion was deliberate for this reason (and consequently that they're thinking about Global) or it was a coincidence that means Throwback Collection 1 was wrong to consider them not popular enough to revive.

Another thing that's worth noting; unlike the "Rewind" (permanent) scratches, the camos and tickets in these new temporary NGS scratches are technically new items with separate configuration (to be NGS-marketable and NOT PSO2-marketable). Old PSO2 tickets from long-expired scratches prior to NGS have not been converted to be NGS tradable the way some PSO2 outfits were converted to be AC-type when Rewind: Heroes launched.

The emote registrations are the same though, so if you have some of these emotes already you cannot use the equivalent NGS ticket as you'll be told you already know it. I presume for the hairstyle scratch where two can be account-bound, the NGS ticket will also say "Bound to another character" if you used one of the PSO2-spec tickets in the past.

Since tickets are consumed and the game won't (or shouldn't!) care about the type of ticket that gave a registration, the only lasting effect beyond NGS marketability for hoarded tickets is on the camo scratch since PSO2-originated and NGS-originated camos will vary by which shop they can be sold on. Of course that shouldn't matter to anyone who wants a camo to keep.

Play with kitty is definitely worth 20 pulls while also getting 20 other emotes and a choice ticket in the process as well. d1f8cc91-d881-4c8c-88ef-20ffe885ef0a-image.png

Are these pulls meant to be untradeable on PSO2 Classic? I just pulled over 150 scratches and can't sell a single item I pulled??

Emotes, Weapon Camos, Accessories