I see you read absolutely nothing about the contest

Submission Instructions

Sign in using the Support Form on the official site via the link below:
Select "Submit a request" on the top right.
From Category, select the "Item Design Contest Form"  to submit.
Enter the required fields and submit your entry.

Note: Please write “ITEM DESIGN CONTEST” in the Subject line. Note: If there is anything else you would like to contact us about, please write it in the description. If not, please enter N/A. Submissions must be previously unpublished works personally created by the submitter. Multiple submissions per person are allowed. ・Image Size: No restrictions ・Image File size: Maximum 1MB ・Image File Type: JPG Note: Please refrain from displaying your submissions on blogs, social media websites, etc.

Also the first ones are literally just the Wings of Power from Mu Online aren't they (and I assume because of that the other wings are just taken from another game too)?

Unless I'm being a dumb-dumb, I can't find the "Submit a request" button. Just the Contact Us page.

@Mystic-Monkey That's because you have to use the contact us button to access the ticket section and click submit a request.

Ah, thank you.

Bro, this is item DESIGN contest, not what you want implemented in game.

Taking works of others and submit it as your own should get you banned for plagiarism