Hippydipps' Escapades, a Gallery of Screenshots

The protector of felines!

If anyone dares try hurt the cats.png

Updating this post to be a gallery rather than single image post thread.

Here's one I took which I was quite proud of. pso20210721_163232_001 (1).png

I had just learnt how to hide the UI from screenshots when I took his.

Don't forget to hide your mag, and maybe hide your own character if your focusing on the landscape~

Can't hide mag yet.

@Armada-San You can't hide the mag. Not yet at least, that's coming with the braver update.

Also, I enjoy having my character in the screenshots.

Gives it that sense of adventure. Almost like a scrapbook where you record the places you've been to (Even if, in this case, it's virtual)! The title "escapades" was chosen because it's basically that, an adventure! Though... That doesn't mean I can't also send purely landscape-focused pictures either.

This is just a thread I made for fun to show off some of the coolest pictures I've managed to take in-game.


I had never visited the base PSO2 photo studio before, so I wanted to give it a shot! Some more pictures to come!