NGS is way too easy

It is. And now they are going to make gigantix even easier. Very sad.

Gotta cater to the masses. Game def needs harder content. More content in general.

Even in PSO2 pretty much everything was super easy. Even depth 100 Sodam which people were saying was hard was piss easy. I feel like we need a Nightmare mode for UQ and other quests alike. It should be crazy hard. Not like the Ultra hard mode in PSO2. Way harder than that please.

The hardest content we had in pso2 which was masq, endless, and HTPD a lot of the player base couldn’t do it, and their were definitely issues for players with UQs like 4 man Deus and dragon, so you it’s not easy to find a sweet spot in difficulty that’s suitable for everyone, especially early on in an online game when theirs less content to run.

The game is very early in its life cycle with many people still working out various aspects of how the game plays, has people work out the metas and the player base generally gets more skilled I wouldn’t be surprised if they steadily increase the difficulty of the content

@Zenny I feel the difficulty with Sodam wasn't exactly the boss as much as it was the time limit since that ended up being more of a gear check than a skill check. I would definitely put up Omega Masquerade Depth 999 (any attack being a potential instant kill) or Phaleg as much bigger challenges if not using something like Endless Quests (aiming for Eternal Loner or Forever Loner) as well.

I would love to see harder and scalable content such as a Depth-like boss in New Genesis (say for example if the signature boss of "Episode 1" scaled to a degree beyond the power we have at the end of "Episode 1" so that they can be updated/buffed in the future to have a power to match and combat players with future creep or with something to pull down the power of players so that the challenge can still exist). I'm not expecting for more "Mining Defense" sort of difficulty where the difficulty and obstacle are other players, but rather that I would love to have something that reflects some of the crossover content (Urth's Fount Emergency Quest featuring Odin from Final Fantasy XIV in recreating his fight, and the Elzelion fight mimicking the fight from Monster Hunter Frontier Z including the incapacitation limits that Monster Hunter traditionally has).

I don't mind that New Genesis is on the easy side at the moment, but I would love that harder content is added in separately (such as in a Cocoon/Tower, special trigger quests, or something along those lines) so that players who want that would be able to go to it and players who don't wouldn't have to touch that at all. As it is with the Gigantix, I like the idea behind them but I really dislike them as a "challenge" because their main challenge was organizing a group or finding a way to keep the boss to yourself if you solo'd them because other players were typically the obstacle more than the boss itself. With the changes being made, I don't see that Gigantix being "easier" is a bad thing considering that they spawned in the open field for everyone to see.

If it came to it, I don't think I would mind if the harder challenges came with rankings like the original game so that players who do play it (regardless of rank) can get rewards (such as the weekly Star Gems) and that players who are very serious with the rankings can potentially get more rewards. I don't exactly know what others have in mind for more "content" but I would definitely love to have something along the lines of Warframe's Sanctuary Onslaught and Endless Missions (Survival, Defense, Interception, and Excavation for example) as something to both push players if they wanted to and to provide quick bite-sized action if they are tired of the guru guru fields or standing around in the city.

@Dkzero22 said in NGS is way too easy:

It is. And now they are going to make gigantix even easier. Very sad.

I mean people complained so that's what happens