Remove "Bound to another character" feature on consumables

Not sure if this has been posted before but I feel like this option isn't fair, considering the prices of some of the items that you'd need to get a dupe for to use on another character. It would be nice if the feature could be removed, with the exception of Basewear still being character locked.

This has been a problem for a long time, most ticket items require two copies for account unlocking, emotes and now stamps are the only single ticket full unlocks.

This is something that has been mentioned several times but the threads just get buried.

Using the thing should just unlock it on everyone. It looks like an obvious cash grab, which makes it look like an obvious jerk move.

I myself don't have an issue with this because I own me have a single character but I know this is a problem

Think industry standard is mostly individual character unlocks, at least most of the non-western MMOs I played.

Individual character unlocks make sense if you treat alternative characters as separate entities, complete with their own progress, resources etc. If you treat the account as one whole, share progress and limit resources on the account level, it only makes sense to also share unlocks on the account level.

Considering that even skill points are account-bound now, individual unlocks seem rather dated.

Yes, free stuff is always nice, even I would prefer only have to get 1 copy instead of 2. But realistic speaking, it is not really industry standard for account binding things.

Just because some of the resource/meseta generating are now account based to limit the supply - your characters are still separate from each other. You dress them up individually, level their classes separately, build their own skill trees, their own inventory/character storage, I had to go through the story 4 times for 4 characters even though story progress is shared on base PSO2?

I think money generation being account bound is a great thing to say. Use to be you could make multiple characters and make decent weekly money. Now you really can't do that. So it does seem to me also like a relic