This Topic Can Be Closed

I'd appreciate it if the powers that be re-evaluated this decision. Only allowing people to claim web panel rewards between August 11-17 is a terrible idea. What's wrong with having them available for a month?

Edit: We could really use more clarification in general regarding the Reward Availability. The site tells us panel rewards will be available during their respective periods and then gives us two separate one-week periods. August 11-17 and August 25-31. Which rewards are being offered when? Why does it have to last for only a week each despite having a gap of one week in between the two periods? Then there's yet ANOTHER reward distribution date on August 25th in the very next paragraph! What rewards are being offered then? Why does that lack a deadline, and why can't the previous two periods also have no deadline?

It is how they have always done web panels, and the time restrictions are just for boost weeks - other rewards can be claimed in a much longer time period.

Peak... Vacation? What? Not in my country, quite entitled from yourself to want rules bent to your preferences

@HarmlessSyan Ah, is that the case? That'd be much more reasonable. I wasn't aware that we were getting more than items. Thank you for informing me!

@Sunnyside45 This is the event page

You can see the first goal - 1,500,000 says 1st Reward Period which corresponds to Aug 11 to Aug 17 so during this week we will have the server wide +50% N-Meseta boost

Towards the bottom - Distribution of Reward Items - After the end of scheduled maintenance on August 25, 2021. This is when the non-boost week reward of actual items will be distributed, the allowed pick up time is usually pretty lenient.

Seems fair from a business standpoint who wouldn't want to recieve a notification its cake in the break room when you least expected it. Now true to wait a month for a paycheck when you normally get paid 2 weeks is a stretch but on topic the event is deem for indepth R&D.

Sonic has always been about his rings. Outside of that enjoy your accomplishments we all deserve a good back rub.