NGS - Multiweapon

Hello I hope I'm in the right place. This is a NGS question.

I'm a Gunner/Fighter main and I have a question about multi weapons.

Suppose I want to make a multi weapon. I have twin machine guns with augments already, Lv 3 potential and a lv 3 fixa. I know I need one of the same kind of a fighter weapon.

My question is will the multi weapon inherit everything from my twin machine guns? If a fighter weapon like knuckles that has it's own affixes and a fixa as well, which fixa would get used? How do they come together basically?

Thanks! I just need to make sure so I don't lose my weapon or something.

When making a multi-weapon, all enhancements, augments, and fixas on the base will stay put, everything but the PAs/techs from the fodder will be lost (the attacks will be added to the merged build).

I recommend using a weapon with no enhancements, augments, or fixas as the fodder part when making a multi-weapon since it will save on resources, since that stuff will be wiped out after the merge.

Thanks so much! One more thing - does the fodder weapon have to be of my class or subclass? Can I use a wand instead of knuckles if my subclass is fighter? I'm guessing the PAs/Techs like foie would not carry over without being a Fo or Te subclass.

If you use a weapon that is not related to your main or sub classes, you will only gain the normal attack and weapon action, since the PAs and techs require the appropriate class to use them.

OK thanks again!

Does secondary weapon requires specific potency affixes or it's damage been overridden by main one if differs?

The only thing kept from the fodder weapon is it's PAs/techs, so anything you did to it will be lost.

Everything on the base weapon is kept (enhancements, augments, fixas, etc.), while it gains the fodder weapon's abilities.

If it was an answer to my question, then it's missed completely...

The only requirement for the fodder weapon is it has to be from the same series as the base weapon, everything else doesn't matter and is recommended to use something that didn't have anything done to it to save resources.

And another miss. I was asking about if secondary weapon is a sword for example and main is a rod - does it (main) require to have a melee type potential to increase secondaries damage or not? Some people says it does, others says that it's damage type is overridden by main.

The damage types are separate, so you if plan to boost them, you will need the right augments on the build, for me I plan to use the right combo damage boost augments if possible.

All of my multi-weapons are two damage types either ranged/tech or tech/melee based on what I merged for that character, my main character is a ranger/force and my alt is a force/hunter and I built my weapons to work with the main and sub class combo.

Any time you have two damage types on the same weapon, they are counted separate, this is a carry over from PSO2 from gunblades and how braver and bouncer worked (braver is now in NGS and still uses melee and ranged attacks).

And of course Sega didn't explained this. I found that easiest way to check it is dive slam attack that have fixed damage if you manage to hit target point blank and it shows the difference if you for example unequip any armor with added additional potency. It seems the most useful affixes is the ones that adds potency in general (all 3 at once) rather than type-specific.

So much time and meseta wasted. Thanks again, Sega.