Gathering suggestion.

Currently gathering is probably the worst part of this game imo (no offense). It's straight up boring and on top of that it takes up so much of our play time. Roughly 30-40 mins for all mineral nodes per day. These minerals not only contribute to making you more money but weapon upgrades etc and augments eat up a lot. You are left with little choice but to continue doing these daily if you want to stay competitive and be prepared for future content.

I believe you could make this way more bearable by making it so materials stack up over a period of at least 3 days. Would be nice if you could have them continue stacking for 7 days but I'll keep my wishes small. This means we end up getting double the amount of materials on the 2nd day and triple on the 3rd etc.

Right now if you don't gather for a day the nodes straight up disappear and reset to slightly diff locations. This really sucks because it forces people to gather for 30-40 mins daily. I'm sure most of your playerbase would rather spend more time enjoying the combat and doing other things in the game then spending all that time gathering.

This is one of the things I liked about PSO2. The gathering wasn't fun but at least it didn't take long so you could get it out of the way and go back to having fun.

If anyone has any other ideas do shoot them here. While I think the whole thing needs a revamp I suggested this because I think it wouldn't take them long to implement this as opposed to revamping the whole thing.

Edit: Also I forgot to mention grinders. I think you should have them drop from monsters too rather than forcing us to farm them from boxes but it's not a huge deal currently.

I'd have to disagree. The minerals and how they work now give you a reason to roam around each day. 30-40mins isn't that much time realistically

@XenoBladeX37645 Vets do too. 30-40 mins is a huge amount of time doing a boring task. If you are a casual player that's probably at least a third or half your play session. I mean if you really want to roam, just roam. Why do you need a reason to do that?

@Zenny I don't need you to agree with me. You made a suggestion, I disagree with it. Simple as that