Its starting to ripple the idea whats here for players after lvl 20. I level personal 5 of the 6 to level cap. Even still to say I've mastered the combat wouldnt be accurate. Rather then that I would like to mention that this MMO is a combat oriented game thus the story so far is a brief pause.

Suggestions I would say being at cap enjoy Gigantix as much as you can. Learn the weapons and what fits your swag and what don't. Enjoy being able to create what ever you like however you like it. Know the venders as to who does what even the Item Exchange. Play with different classes some you might be surprised.

Your going to battle mobs a lot period this is a role playing game with levels and experience points. You can quest with players or without at the moment. As far as to what to come its posted all on twitter, youtube, etc.

Lastly, people still play regular pso 2 and its ton of endgame stuff. If you new like me to pso 2 then enjoy taking your time with all of this double MMO. 2 for 1 with selected items transferring over to New Genesis is cool simply.

So recap time, enjoy combat styles, learn funny symbol art, customize your bae or alter ego, battle Big A Monsters and hi five, learn how to invest in upgrades, know venders, snap pics with the crew, explore where and when to go out to zones, if you max like me then you should already know what you should be doing Ash Catchthem.

Stack up while the gravy train in service.