In it's current state, NGS has nothing to encourage any form of group activities, let alone having an alliance.

This needs to change fast, or alliances are going to start breaking up since there is nothing to hold them together.

PSO2 had alliance rankings for Challenge Miles, PvP (for those that did it), buying certain triggers from the alliance shop, and collecting rare drops. NGS has none of this, the cocoons/towers are not worth redoing after you get the skill points, there is no incentive to run UQ or hunting Gigas (for those who do that), we don't even have an AQ yet.

Possible solutions to the lack of group activity that would benefit an alliance could be:

  • How fast an alliance group can clear a UQ (Must be a full run with members from the same alliance)
  • How much damage was done to the boss in a UQ (Same as above)
  • Collecting rare drops (A carry over from PSO2)

And possibly other things could be added to this list, I just don't have other ideas at the moment, bu we still need some reason to be in an alliance for NGS and fast.