I have been notice about ps2 new genesis on window 10 store is not reasoning after I downloading the game itself it stilled said not reasoning sure I can play the game but between the game freeze / lag or the game itself not reasoning this right here need to be take care of right always because this starting to become an issue for me personal because this is messing up of mine gameplay time on this game and also when y'all going to handle the class issue like gunner and the other class do have issue which it now been take care of yet liked coming on y'all really to need to listen to the peoples who submit to you what going on so you can handle this without making the peoples in the game very upset it be wise to have an massive feedback so you can hear what the peoples really feel about your game itself because it seen liked to me you need all the information y'all need so you can please the player who playing your game without having them be angry with y'all alright I hope you take the words to heart okay later bye