Disgusted by certain players!

@John-Paul-RAGE They Should do what An other MMO I Played did, if the Offense is repeated, Increase the Time of the ban, if they Repeat again, Increase Again, if they repeat a Third Time, give them a Time In the Serious Room, to think for their Actions for the Next 65333000 Years(its not a Permaban, its just an Absurdly long one)

@LFSkyden there was also a game I played where if you got repeatedly reported, you could only get matched with other "bad players" for a period of time.

Think it was GTA 5

@John-Paul-RAGE No Idea, never Played GTA V(I Cant finish a GTA Game, I end up having too much Fun with Destruction and Beating People up to actually do the Story, I had a Similar Issue with a game where u were a Ex Gang Member that Joined to Cops, I would Keep doing Patrols Waiting for Crime to happen, and one of my Favorites was Domestic Violence, I never had to actually Shot Anyone on Those)

You shouldn't have to but there's a lot of idiots in this game.

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Just turn off symbol arts that's what I did

That's the issue. Players shouldn't turn off something to enjoy the content because of other player's poor behaviors.

This is a whole lot of talk for something that will obviously never change. lol. Just be happy that an off switch even exists to fix your problems.

No idea if anyone said this, but there is an option to disable all symbol art if you are getting it too often or want to disable it just to enjoy an event.

@Z0DIAK-BRAVE they are communications banning people for violating it, that's a good first step and signs that they are at least starting to enforce it.

Now they just need to make the punishment more severe.

The only annoyances I have in MMO's is RMT spammers regardless if they are actual RMT or scam sites hoping to phish your info. I feel like it all needs to be classified cyber terrorism and the people responsible treated as such along with the pricks running scams by phone, text, email. These violate the ToS in more than 1 way and in the case of scams also contributes to people's fear and paranoia.

As far as content by other users goes. If I don't like something, I don't read it, watch it, play it, etc. I don't go around crying to everyone about how I don't like it in some overblown fit with the expectation that the world is required to keep things I don't like away from me. I actually find the people trying to force others to conform to their preferences as extremely offensive and groups of such people like the "cancel culture" and "twitter puritans" as a shining example of how general society is allowing toxic behavior to grow and infect itself on a larger scale. It should be on individuals to filter out or avoid the things they dislike in the situations when they come across it on a case by case basis. That individual should not have the ability to force a denial on everyone else of something just because they personally do not like it.

There may be a mention of not doing certain things in the user agreement. However there are other things as well in that agreement that is constantly being breached and happens regularly on most online games. I've seen some companies go as far as to ban a credit card number on a retail game that required a paid sub or a free to play game banning a device's MAC address to enforce their ToS.

@Ukyo-Sonoda if it is ok for users to violate ToS for the sake of free expression, shouldn't be an issue for users to break ToS in the pursuit of entrepreneurship, right?

After all, you don't have to read it, watch it, play it, etc.

Report them into the ground, we signed a terms of service agreement. If players are dumb enough to think they have the right to posting things that violate TOS, that's on them.

To be honest, it's pretty weird behaviour having a need to post pornographic or offensive material into a game to begin with. It doesn't shock anyone, we've all seen that material before. It's a crutch.

Just report them. Actually please do. I am curious on how well our GM team responds and dolls out punishment.

I think the constant use of inappropriate symbol arts is more or less a reflection of how lonely these folks actually are. It's a pretty bad look tbh. I'd like to not be known by loose association as some lonely desperate pervo obsessed with anime tiddy. Even if I do like anime tiddy.

@DkP-Godslayer Too late. You're playing the weeb game, you're already loosely associated with lonely desperate pervos. If your normie friends and relatives catch you playing this, you'll have some explaining to do.

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@DkP-Godslayer Too late. You're playing the weeb game, you're already loosely associated with lonely desperate pervos. If your normie friends and relatives catch you playing this, you'll have some explaining to do.

I dunno, man. Being a weeb is pretty normie by todays standards.

@Havox3 Yeah I guess you're right there lol. Lots of explaining to do actually, I'm a dude and I play a girl cast. I don't think that 'I played the original as a kid and it's nostalgic' will work will it.