Nex Aelio's destructible parts

What purpose do they serve? It still flies with shredded wings, still spits fire with cracked skulls, still tail spins with no tail.

So what good does it do to destroy the parts?

My guess is that Sega is still holding over these mechanics for classes like the Bouncer who specialized in breaking enemy parts. I would hope the Bouncer's power isn't so tied to these conditions (in their skill tree you have Dual Blade/Soaring Blades support for getting a literal 90% damage boost just to enter Break Stance without even attacking breakable parts) but that is the only thing I can really think of if not to have another potential stun point for bosses for physical downs and breaks.

Breaking the tail will make the spin attack do nothing and make an extra safe zone behind the dragon, breaking the fire balls will weaken the blasts, and if you can break both wings it should weaken or stop the flying attacks.

Another thing is he doesn't do the flip attack with a broken tail.

I heard that breaking all of them keeps the weakpoint open permanently. The issue with that is with the heads are breakable too it takes way too much effort and time to do it.