Sega and the Devs Don't Care About NA

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for it to be dead in 3 months as it builds a reputation for being a cash grab

Maplestory's still alive, as are all those mobile games and a bunch of others that have such reputations like everything owned by Daybreak and Arc Games.. Besides, do you really want a repeat of what happened to MS2 where they removed the P2W but forgot to rebalance the game? That's what's going to happen if they remove the P2W.

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Most players are going to walk into the game, go to their skill tree (which is a main quest and one of the first things they do), theyll see it cost money to reset your skill tree and then uninstall before they hit lvl 10.

I think a more likely scenario is new players will do what is required to complete the quest and forget about their skill tree for several levels.

Not scrutinize every aspect of the menu to see how it works, because quite frankly it doesn't even explain the menu components very well.

I believe there will be Skill Tree resets given out for free pretty soon, but I needed multiple trees for Braver regardless, so I just went ahead and purchased an extra one.

While I absolutely hate the "it's in beta" excuse, I do believe the skill tree reset was an oversight that will at least be remedied by giving players a Skill Tree Reset either through a campaign, log-in bonus, or maybe even mission pass reward.

@Mattwo7 your not a fortune teller and neither am i and i dont pretend to be.

All im doing is making a case to make sure the plauer base is healthy.

And if your concerned about how that might happen then go and offer soke feedback to devs.

im sure everyone wants this game to succeed. so i express from a consumer point of view . money is so much valuable these days just because of how coronavirus is destroying the economy. i may be speaking for myself. but i dont have that much money to spend on games even if i wanted to, many others have lost their jobs. so spending on "premium" or quality of life features , to have a decent experience might not be in top of everyones list.

@oscargg USA's economy was already in the pits with skyrocketing record-breaking poverty rates before that happened. It's just worse now.

I don't want to backseat mod here or anything, but it's probably best not to bring in politics out of the blue.

@Ilúvatar It's actually entirely relevant to the subject of monetization, it's not "out of the blue" and is an entirely appropriate response... If people don't have money, they can't spend it. I shouldn't even need to explain this.

@Ranmaru its not a stretch ive literally had 4 people so far quit the game because of it on my friends list.

2 of those said people usually dont get bothered by monetization and throw a couple bucks in any given games way anyway.

But once those 2 saw that the game locks off basic features they quit and uninstalled.

@Mattwo7 while the argument can be made that a computer and internet is part of social equity, an Xbox One is not.

Gaming consoles are a luxury, so arguments about inflation and poverty don't really qualify.

When the Steam version is released we can revisit that topic.

Trading isn't basic though. So I think that is where your argument falls apart. Those that don't play for the game, like them, will leave. That is fine.

@John-Paul-RAGE Well, it's not like it's going to be a priority to a homeless person, I'll give you that.

People dont quit from one glance at a skill tree in pso2. Types of people that quit the game on a regular:

Hate grinding - they talk like theyre down to grind, get decently far and then you hear "oh my other game has an event". In short they deleted the game.

Plays for simplicity - not every game is a simple, kill things, get exp max out everything in skill tree. Pso2 is all of that minus the max out everything part. It takes just a bit of studying, or getting used to, building knowledge stat knowledge, affix knowledge etc. you pick up on things pretty fast IF YOU CAN HANDLE IT people that get intimidated by complicated looking things are simpleminded.

Some games arent for some people in regards of the whole people quit thing, cuz my entire friends list is a majority of pso2 players now.

I can say they might get annoyed by it, but that wouldn't drive them to uninstall. Trials (In the previous season) in Destiny 2, being frustrating and dry, is an example of something that could possibly lead a player to uninstall. Of course, only if they enjoy the game. That's what matters most.

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I don't want to backseat mod here or anything, but it's probably best not to bring in politics out of the blue.

Its definitely important and extremely relevant. With no one having jobs, money being used sparingly for food etc, wont be spending cash on a online game, for survival reasons. They are going to have to think of a method you dont pay for.

@WhiteKnightBlsm If the game isn't dead in 3 months, will you be here to answer up about why it isn't?