Phantasy Star Online episode 1 & 2

V1 Vet here, played on GC and Sega BB too. Mained a RAmar named Hatsodoom, some vets might remember me. Just downloaded the game, can't wait to play tomorrow. Played on JP but lost interest after a while, it's fun, but doesn't have the same style as the original. Still worth getting into though. However this time I have a PC that can actually run the game and I'm not connecting to the other side of the world, so lag shouldn't be an issue this time. Dunno what ship yet, need to discuss with an IRL friend on that. Hope to see you folks in game. It's A Whole New World!

@Hatsodoom get the Xbox one version instead because there are some issues with the PC version

So crazy story. Back then my sister had a Gamecube and had the game. Been trying to play it because it was really fun but it was doing a lot of siblings argument.

I had FF11 on the PS2, so the online modem. So when I saw Phantasy Star was on it, I saved up lunch money to buy it.

I was naive and realized it was PSU when I finally got home from Walmart after a long bycicle ride.

So yeah I playing PSO1 but mostly PSU.

We actually did shut down two years before the Xbox edition and as for rest I am not fully sure I remember what the version difference were.

Can't say I was playing it a lot in the last 2 years of it's life. Good memories however!

@TURION-MOONSTAR Get the version for a system I don't have, yah sure...