Gunner weaponaction bug? NGS

Im not sure about this but i guess the weaponaction from Gunner is buged cuz even if i dodge an attack and get the signal sound for dodging it i reseive the hit from the enemy attack. For exp. Crakbear throws his rock, i use weapon action, get the sound for succesfull dodge but reseive the hit from the rock and get the knockback.

is this intendet or a bug with the i-frame after the sucsessfull dodge?

same goes with hunter block and hunter arts perfect perry. You get the signal for sucsessfull but you take the hit with dmg.

I have the impression from playing classes like Hero and Phantom from the original game that perfect dodges don't fully grant you invincibility. You get the initial dodge frames and then there is a very small window of overlap where your invincibility frames end but the enemies still have their attack windows open so you can still eat hits even after a "perfect" dodge (Phaleg being the example from Phantasy Star Online 2). Classes like the Phantom did not get these extended windows at all so a perfect dodge only means your next attack is empowered.

The solution I have come to in the original game was to learn to "extend" your invincibility frames by retaliating with a counter-attack even if it whiffs immediately following your perfect dodge. In the case of the Gunner, you may want to use Stylish Onslaught for the immediate guard frames in the case things go wrong (as in you're anticipating taking a hit) or use your dodge-counter.

I don't know if this is exactly a bug since this is repeatable like it was with the original game but I do feel like it should be adjusted considering the workarounds are not as intuitive as other games where counter-attacks and evasion windows when used correctly would have granted you some breathing space.

@HoDKenji The Hunter Arts Avenger is also a tricky one because you still get the damage bonus for a missed timing but the timing has to be "just right" in order to negate damage. I really wish the indicator between the missed timing and the perfect timing was more obvious because the sound cues (and visual cues in my experience) are the same for both only in one instance you don't take damage and the other you do. I really do hope that this can be adjusted but not in the way that the Hunter's older Charge Parry was (a window too big to fail with as opposed to a window too tight to be accurate with).

Same. I don't know if its bug or not but I get damaged sometimes after dodging which is kind of annoying. I tested it with Daityl, Wutan, and Nogleth. For Daityl, it always hit me after dodging its laser. Same goes for Wutan. For Nogleth, its more of 50/50. I tried it with his upper cut, there are times I get hit even after dodging it. I hope this is just a bug as it's pretty much useless if you could still get hit even after dodging using WA.

And yeah, the hunter's block and parry is sometimes bugged.