Error 630 When accessing PSO2 Blocks

After buying $350 worth of AC on PSO2 and using them all on scratch tickets in the PSO2 Blocks, after logging back to NGS, I was not able to log back to Base PSO2. Anyone here had that problem? How we're you able to resolve it? Its been 3 days since I was able to get to PSO2 Blocks..

Sounds like the possibility that your PSO2 inventory was left full? If your character has clothing that is equipped as an item (PSO2 Parts, Outfits, OU) and they try to go into PSO2 block you will get 630'd. (Because it automatically tries to move the equipped clothing item to a full inventory.)

Basically try removing any equipped clothing / parts if you have those, if not I dunno.

@Vashzaron wow, thank you for this, I just removed my current costume and store it in the storage since it was a PSO2 Base skin, I was able to access the PSO2 blocks!! Again thank you very much!! I was scratching my head for 2 days now thinking what might happen and it was all because of max inventory in PSO2 Base and currently wearing a camo from PSO2 Base. Thank you!