HUD adjustments

I logged into base PSO2 for the first time since NGS and it wasn’t pleasant because everything was significantly smaller compared to before the engine overhaul and it’s now hard to see when your not sitting right in front of your tv (at least for me.) Especially when your trying to go through all your menus. I would really like if I can readjust my HUD because trying to do anything in base PSO2 is so hard to see and I’m not trying to sit right in front of my tv to do anything at least in base PSO2. If there is any kind of HUD adjustment it isn’t on Xbox. Screen readjust pretty much does nothing as well but gives me the option to make it smaller by adjusting screen to fit my full screen. I don’t understand why it’s way smaller in base PSO2 but seems alright in NGS. Unable to show pictures of proof because I can’t lower file lower than 2048 KB but anyone who has put a fair number of time into base PSO2 could see the difference.

@Stealth-tactic there is a way to adjust a hub

  • title screen
  • window/ text size setting
  • PSO base / NGS

@Drakaina I did the adjustment and it’s weird for some reason 4K large doesn’t work. After a bit of messing around with it by seeing if small changed anything which it didn’t, I decided to just go from highest to lowest and 4K middle works. Greatly appreciate the help

I would love to have some features present in other games (for example like Warframe) so you can set something like HUD Margins for those who use ultrawide monitors, being able to toggle on specific elements when desired (cursors, crosshairs, the subpalette bar without disabling your acitons, the chat box without having to manually click on it, and that sort of thing), as well as to be able to rearrange UI elements.

In-game we can already rearrange the preview window and inventory windows when those come up but I cannot imagine why you can't do something like moving the HP bars around or organizing something like the map display/quest/client order display windows for those who have preferences or just want to have things organized differently.

While I do not find myself using these options all that much, I don't see it as problematic that having the option would be a bad thing for those who would use those options. I cannot imagine the game being intuitive on an ultrawide monitor especially for its menu organization and HUD elements.