Multi-Weaponization w/ Double Saber

Before I spend a ton of Meseta thought I'd ask, does the double saber whirlwind stay if you swap from Dbl Saber to say Dagger when it's a Multi-Weapon?

I don't know personally. But I would assume it would disappear. The only effect i'm aware of that persists when on a different weapon is the talis weapon action.

@Knight-Raime Rifle Weak Bullets, Talis turrets and Launcher stickybombs stay with other weapon types active.

TMG chain trigger and chain boost and Partisan Volkraptors stay but do not apply, increment or detonate with other weapon types active.

@ultimatecalibur Wait, you have to keep on Partisan to get Volkraptor to detonate as well? I thought it worked like sticky bomb where you smacked it with the correct weapon type to prime it and it just didn't factor in damage from other weapons once it started going. That's a silly design choice.

The Double Saber's Kamaitachi/Whirlwind will persist in a multi-weapon but it will not develop and cannot be utilized without the Double Saber photon arts and weapon action (so no Deadly Archer if you aren't using the weapon action). You can use this for a damage boost even with Twin Daggers as I have this on my end (Twin Daggers-Double Saber multi-weapon) which I find to be handy. If you need to, you can use the first half of Julien Dance as a gap closer and to set up some of the tornado attacks when enemies are stationary while using Twin Daggers attacks for aerial repositioning or for swifter combat (anticipating enemy attacks).

@AiC-L Woops, my mistake, they will time detonate but will not max damage detonate. Only Partisan damage is tracked by Volkraptor.

@ultimatecalibur Oh, right, I forgot they added that with how little use the skill sees now. Really hope it scales better as updates come in.

DS whirlwind does 1/4 the normal damage on non-DS weapons.