A few suggestions to make the game overall better (imo)

1.) Add an autosell option to the game. I see many people managining their inventory during PSE bursts, standing around doing nothing. It's quite frustrating. Either autosell option, or a way to filter your unwanted drops.

2.) PSE meter leveling down on random kills or trial completions needs to go. It has no purpose other than to frustrate people. It is really annoying when you get your PSE meter to 4 bars, and then you lose everything because of bad rng. It feels aweful. Remove it and maybe change the rate at which you gain pse meter.

3.) Reduce the amount of aimlock targets on some of the big monsters. Banshee has its weak point on its head. There is no reason to aimlock for its paws or its entire body. It just makes using aimlock very clunky and frustrating. Nex Vera has like 9 aimlock targets in total when it is enraged. 3 on head, 2 on wings, 2 on feet, 1 on tail, 1 on body. It's unneccary to have this many aimlock targets on any given monster. It's just too many.

The extra target points tend to be breakable spots, and no longer become target-able when broken, that has been there since PSO2.

It would be good if there was a menu where the files of each enemy are with their selectable points, and there indicate which are the points of interest (to be able to indicate which one wants to avoid selecting)

There is a mob/boss database on the ARKS Visiphone site for both PSO2 and NGS

PSO2 mob and boss listings: https://pso2na.arks-visiphone.com/wiki/Enemy_Listing

NGS mob and boss listings: https://pso2na.arks-visiphone.com/wiki/Portal:New_Genesis/Enemies

Both lists are broken up into the category or spawn areas.