Recently I decided to play PSO2 New Genesis on Xbox One X since my PC currently don't have a graphics card, so, when I was playing, since the start I notice a lot of performance issues, even on the option "priority performance" game looks bad but still have a lot of frame drops, what make the game verry hard to enjoy, at least for me, back in the beta I have a Core i7 3770, 16 gb of ram and a RX 580 8 gb, on a normal hard drive, and the game won't lag or dip frame drops, most of the time (the game was in the highest tier) but here on the Xbox One X (Not the normal one) the performance is very bad, but I keep playing since is the only platform I have to play at the moment.

My question is if someone have this issue, if is normal, or if is gonna be fixed soon.

Thank you for your time.