Is Halpha actually Naverius?

I'm probably not the only one who has this theory/assumption but to me it's pretty heavy evident that Halpha is actually planet Naverius.

The biggest clue is the fact that Sylvants are native to Aelio. It could be possible that the Sylvants were an introduced organism to the planet at some point in ARKS thousand-year gap but given how ARKS treat sylvants in PSO2 I doubt they would go to the effort to preserve hostile species.

The second clue is that beyond North Aelio appears to be a polar region which doesn't make sense given the climate temperatures and weather of the rest of Aelio. In PSO2 it's been noticed the Tundra region on Naverius baffles most ARKS ops in comparison to the Forest region. The Alphana Wetlands have ruins that also bare resemblence to the sunken Ruins of Naverius which further makes me curious of Halpha's history.

Some would perhaps ask "If Halpha is actually Naverius, why can't I access the PSO2 areas?", well for all we know those areas could be on the other side of the planet and that they may have changed after a thousand years. In PSO2 we only explored small regions of the entire planet so they could be on the other side of the world. It's like how Earth is depicted in PSO2 with just parts of Tokyo and Las Vegas.

So all in all, my guess is somewhen during the thousand-year gap, ARKS decided to colonize Naverius and over the faded history the planet was renamed Halpha.

I don't think so, the planet seems to be man made with all the mechanical parts within it.

The Formers might have just been brought over when the planet was made, since we don't know what is in the three other main sections yet.

@Weirdo said in Is Halpha actually Naverius?:

I don't think so, the planet seems to be man made with all the mechanical parts within it.

Parts of the planet "appear" to be man made but not all of it. After all the tundra and forest of Naverius in PSO2 was mostly over ground while in PSO2:NG there is only some bare tech, some of it appearing through a layer of rock.. Some think it's an ARKS ship buried under Aelio but I think it's photoners tech which even thousands of years a go still regarded ancient.

In PSO2 while we got to explore "planets", we really just explored small regions of these planets so the geography of some areas maybe different to some. I believe the forest, tundra and ruins of Naverius are near Aelio but an inaccessable region... though it would be cool if the PSO2 area maps for forest, tundra and ruins were brought over to Halpha and aged a thousand years.

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The Formers might have just been brought over when the planet was made, since we don't know what is in the three other main sections yet.

I believe that two of these regions will support my theory. The north region obviously looks like Naverius tundra and we may get another region based on the ruins.

@Mystic-Monkey you have a very good theory and I have a theory about the seemingly man made sections of the planet, I think that sometime during the millennium that passed between the end of pso2 and the beginning of ngs one or more of the Oracle ships either landed or crashed on the planet 🌍 and became partially buried over time

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@Mystic-Monkey you have a very good theory and I have a theory about the seemingly man made sections of the planet, I think that sometime during the millennium that passed between the end of pso2 and the beginning of ngs one or more of the Oracle ships either landed or crashed on the planet 🌍 and became partially buried over time

My guess is that it's photoner tech... but it does lack sense why the people of Central City seem to lack interest in it or why it wasn't that much evident on Naverius. I do have theories on why it isn't (simply that the forest of Naverius has no exposed ground of it) but other than that I still stand by my theory.

However, exploring east of Aelios to the inaccessable regions I noticed Vanford Lab Ruins and beyond what appears to be a desert. The thought that Halpha to be a fusion of Navarius, Lillipa and Wopal crossed my mind which would fit with my "The Alpha and the Omega" theory, but I never mentioned this Alpha and Omega theory because I figured it's off-topic and lack basis. But If the desert region turns out to have Lillipans and industrial ruins then it may support my Alpha and Omega theory and will make new thread on it.

I've yet to finish Episode 6 so my thoughts on what Halpha is may change.

@Mystic-Monkey The desert area might like Lilipa, from a certain angle at the lake you can see a huge metal ring sticking out of that area and from the mountain peak you can see a mushroom shaped structure.

The volcano area might be like the lower section of Amduskia, it also seems to have some red energy beam coming out of it's top and there are what looks like carved holes in the sides.

As for the PSO2 story mode stuff, have fun with it, it was full of all kinds of plot twists, but I won't spoil it for you.

@LazerRay I nearly finished it. As for Halpha being a mish-mash of PSO2 planets I'll with-hold that theory until further evident. Naverius was once a forest-dominant planet but oceans are still evident from pictures of the planet. And like most planets may have a volcanic core so volcanoes could of been possible. The thousand-year gap may have had colonies terra-forming Naverius, perhaps inadvertedly by deforestation and mining. If Lillipans show up then their ancestors were maybe colonials but doubt they be the sort to want to leave their world.

Still there's yet confirmation Halpha is Naverius so it's just a theory for now.

Halpha is likely Naverius/Ragol/Rycross.

It has the same elements of the Ragol/Naverius that we can see.

Also after seeing a bit more of PSO2's story I've come to the conclusion that Naverius/Ragol/Rycross are all the same and they are all incomplete/flawed or have specific mission Xion Clone.

However, whatever we are fighting in NGS is not a Falz from previous games because they don't look like anything we've seen before and each Falz has their own Falzspawn

OH yeah... and Aelio region is likely on top of a crash site. If you get up high and look at the scenery it looks like a ship plowed through mountain and buried itself right where the Control HQ is.

I believe the DOLLS are indeed Falspawn, just under a different form. Just as [Elder], [Gemini] and [Apprentice] had Falspawn in shapes and abilities unique to their personalities.

If I recall, the moment the Photoners accidentally created the Dark Falz, there was no going back. It quickly grew and stapled itself to the Universe. Destroying the Profound Darkness is the closest to defeating the Dark Falz but not to destroy it. Profound Darkness simply goes dormant and after a thousand years returns.

New Genesis takes placea a thousand years after PSO2. So it's possible Dark Falz have re-awoken and taking a brand new form that this generations of ARKS do not recognise and simply camm them DOLLS.


Semi-correct. The end of ep 6actually reveals that the Photoners did not create the Profound Darkness.

The following is spoilers...

The Profound Darkness is the dark part of your character, who is the primordial being. All beings have a dark side, yours just happens to be the PD which exists at the beginning of time. From the Time Line's point of view you pop into existence along with the PD and as time pass with nothing happening the PD diminishes as there is nothing to desire to destroy and although the light diminishes as well, hope, the light, exists still as does your mind with all its knowledge. This results in the light, you, becoming the akashic record while the PD is just a small flicker kept alive within you but also separated from you as that flicker.

When the Photoners find Shion, who is a sentient planet able to access and commune with the Akashic Records... that is, you, they attempt to clone her. That is to say, they attempt to create another conduit to the akashic records and to themselves, but these all fail or have some down side to them. Their AIs or connection or form isn't right. The First one created, while near perfect, is still flawed and thrown into sub-space, eventually emerging into a new universe and becoming the Moon and Mother. Later iterations have AI issues, 2 of which have opposing issues and it is attempted to merge them together resulting in the planet Amduskia. The final attempt works almost perfectly.

The Final attempt connects the Photoners with the Profound Darkness portion of the Akashic Records, you, the Light, The primordial being and with it comes the enhancement will and emotions, particularly negative ones which turns regular photons into F-Factor (I forget if it is D or F, so I'll just go with F) or anti-photons. It also causes several regular photoners with particularly negative emotions to spiral out of control and become Dark Falz. In an attempt to fix this problem, ARKS is created as is research into vessels that can absorb and house anti-photons as a means of combatting the F-Factor. This results in a new sentient being to be created, Harriette, who's soul (which is not Photons) is then ripped from the vessel and then it is used to absorb "all" of the F-Factor, which is the dark side of yourself, separating the light, The Akashic Records, from the Dark, The Profound Darkness, and creating Shiva... who is then tossed into sub-space.

At this point the ARKS fight the Falz that have already been created and it is impossible (probably) for another Falz to be created. They are all Photoners who transfer from body, corrupting them and the creatures around them. The reason that ARKS is not able to succeed in defeating them is likely largely due to the fact that Elder, Apprentice, and Gemini all have their negative emotion catalyzed by things that would cause them not to fade over time, although I doubt the thought was put into this and it just happens to be a coincidence, but the idea with the PD and F-Factor is that they actually weaken over time due to acceptance or some such element which satisfies the thing that they are craving. The PD's craving is destruction of all (kinda scary that Sega is saying that you have that neg emotion, but whatever) and when there is nothing the PD slowly dies. However, Elder's thing is challenge, Apprentice is loneliness/Outcasted, and Gemini's is fun... All three of these when you put them in a seal causes them to strengthen or maintain for the most part which if there were more Falz it explains why we see only these 3 and why they're such a pain to get rid of.

If you're going to take issue with me saying no more Falz can be made... Luther becomes Falz only when connected to the Akashic Record, Persona is created because you are the akashic record, and Matoi's PD can be explained as she is another clone of Shion of some sort thus is connected to the Akshic Record.

New Genesis happens because you interacted with Earth. This is the only timeline where You did that as the story says that you have become entangled in the fate of multiple universes. Omega doesn't count, but removing it still leaves Earth. By interacting with both Earth and PSO2-verse the story implies that the cosmos will not let a particular timeline just disappear and thus gives the ability to "You" to separate from the Akashic Records and the Profound Darkness and because that is how that works the PD and Akashic Record are sealed away in that time loop while the rest of the universe which would have ceased to exist had this not happened is allowed to continue on... But here's the thing... The Akashic Record still stands because photons still exist and they are the recording instrument of the universe, but we also know that this stuff exists outside the universe so time is wonky. The Akashic Record will always remain outside the current universe and as a result some element of the PD will also exist because they are one in the same.

Also... remember that the creation of Falz and the PD is not something that is inevitable, but rather it is the fact that being able to manipulate photons on a high level PLUS having negative emotions can cause anyone to lose control and eventually become a Falz while PD requires a connection to the Akashic Records that will eventually lead to a will to destroy everything.

The thousand year thing is likely the result of negative emotion build up ^.^ or that is how long they surmise it takes to create the tech to construct a way to interaction with the Akashic Records... or just for a Falz to get strong enough to bust through a seal or for someone that powerful and dumb to come into existence. I dunno, that part is never really answered in any way. It's a convenient number that allows you to mess around a bit.

k k done rambling.

I'm still trodging through the last episode, but with how much plot-twist it must have in the later half I find it hard to believe PSO2 writers have had this planned since Episode 1.

But you mentioning Omega does bring up my "other theory" about Halpha...

Are you familiar with Book of Revelation (verses 1:8, 21:6, and 22:13) "I am the Alpha and the Omega"? This bible verse is often use to reference particular paralells that are both the opposite and dependant of one another. I bring this up because the planet Halpha has things in common with Omega. Omega is a world made up by the Akashic Records (Though from what you said, Iguess that means... made up by the Guardian? Still a lot for me to take in) and that Omega is suppose to be a mish-mash of events of Episodes 1-4, bits of Phantasy Star 1 sprinkled in there and portrait as a high fantasy world.

Well one of the things I pointed out is that Halpha has Sylvants as native lifeforms which made me suggest Halpha is actually Navarius. Others who have played more of New Genesis have notice Halpha has more in common with other planets, maybe the game will have Oceanids and Lillipans which means Halpha is also a mish-mash world.

To sum it up, Halpha could be the counter-planet ro Omega... if that makes sense.


I would say... unlikely to be another world. Halpha matches what we know of Naverius and where things are... if you also accept that Naverius is also Ragol or some variation of it.

It may also just be an unknown Shion clone.

The Akashic Record is You and You are the Akashic Record. What is left of your mind after the beginning of the universe becomes the Akashic Record. Shion is able to tell the future because you've already lived it, multiple times over and this whole thing is a plot by you to create an escape which has been communicated to Shion to communicate back to you. Where everything in the loop begins is a bit weird. This is not the first time through the loop and we don't know how different the iterations can be, so while the PD and you have origins in the timeline of the universe before going back in time, those are not real, but rather manifestations of the current timeline... So this You is technically not the You of the Akashic records, but rather the manifestation of the You of the Akashic records if that makes sense at all lol. So in theory the "Akashic Record" You has done this many many times and in doing so the universe could have gone from something more like our world to one of Star Trek, to the origin Phantasy Star to anything else, each ending with the PD eventually merging with a Manifestation of the Records, returning to the past, or destroying the universe, only to start the cycle anew.

This essentially means that all the events of the past series were incarnations of the Akashic Records/You attempting end this cycle which it did with the PSO2 time loop. All previous Phantasy Star games and their stories have been locked away in that loop and this setting is now new... ie New Genesis.

Anyways, what Omega is, is sort of a role reversal and explanation of what is going on. It's also a physical manifestation of memories that have already happened and people that are dead. So people and things on Omega if native have existed in the real world. Also the general story is what happened to Harriette and Shiva with a bit of role reversal which carries across the heroes and villains of the setting. It also broadly explains the situation that is happening in the universe. This isn't 100% role reversal Alis being a villain and the dragon being a good guy would probably stretch reasonability and fandom so they didn't role switch those, but Harriette of Omega is inhabbiting the vessel that doesn't belong to her which is the exact opposite of what happened to her and there are various other things one could pick out if they tried.

Anyways... Could Halpha be a mish mash like Omega? Yes... is it? Probably not.

What we know is that Halpha, at least what we see of it is an artificial construct or at least that part of it is, but also it is 2 constructs. One is the planet and the other is the ship that is central City. We know that at there was some sort of fight in space that caused a ship to crash into a planet and it happened long enough in the past that it has been covered over. Further that battle launched escape pods that has caused memories to be erased...and also we know the enemy has space travel still where as we don't or something has prevented us from being retrieved. Photons still exist... If the explanation I gave holds then a New PD has been created, maybe Matoi? and possible a new Falz. Theoretically this could be another loop where Matoi is the Primordial being. It'd work. but so far I see nothing to clue us in on the real situation beyond what i've said here.

The story is very confusing. I thought I had it all figured out 5½ episodes a go and now turns out I'm some sort of incarnation of the entire universe who have done this more than once... wait so was PSO1, a prequel that doesn't appear to take place in the same universe as PSO2, is that like the first time around or something?


I think so.

There is just enough difference to say it's not the same, but there are elements in there that slightly shifted and told in broad strokes end up being the same or similar.

I can imagine that there was a plan put forward to create Earth in a different universe at some point in PSO1's timeline to achieve the very goal of PSO2's timeline because that is the key factor, or one of, for saving the universe and breaking out of the time loop. Otherwise there are an infinite number of Mother's out there terrorizing infinite numbers of Earths... though that would explain why Earth attacks the Algol system in PSclassic lol