MTN/Voice Change

Being allowed to edit the

  • voice
  • standby pose
  • walk/run
  • jump
  • landing
  • Photon dash
  • Photon Glide
  • swim

Without neaning to head back to the salon every time and or being allowed to save it on top of Ensemble/Look

Since of the discussion below maybe add an actual diving mechanic when you briefly dive below the surface for a few seconds to go and get an item or add full immersive underwater levels

Would be nice to be able to change in the fashion tab.

What's the point of swimming anyway? Not like there's anything there to do or see, and it's really slow to boot.

@Yggranya maybe down a line they will add underwater collectibles or a cocoon and or Tower that involve swimming

@Drakaina Maybe. Still not much point when you can glide over bodies of water faster.

I wish we could have combat in water. Would be nice to have different attacks and enemies in the water.

@Weirdo said in MTN/Voice Change:

I wish we could have combat in water. Would be nice to have different attacks and enemies in the water.

Indeed, but most people don't like underwater levels.

@Yggranya underwater levels wouldn't be hard just use the same configuration as the AIS

@Drakaina Most people mentioning it have a problem with the 360 angle movement/view. I only ever had a problem in some older games that had drowning. I hate time limits.

Yes, please, individual settings for these would be great. I got the Rappy stuff and I don't want to be flapping while I don't have my feathery stuff on.

I know it is another topic, but if underwater levels were a thing most likely there would be some handwave about photon tech letting us breathe underwater like in classic PSO2 they explain about field shields for space battles. Mostly because it would be very silly to have CASTs drowning.

I mean with the diving swimming motion you can keep your head underwater forever. You could also be underwater forever in base too. pso20210126_185544_000.jpg

Adding underwater levels wouldn't be hard at all just implement the same control scheme as the space AIS add a unique weapon say harpoon and just put a screen filter on so it looks like it's underwater maybe you use an underwater AIS or unique outfit(s) maybe you will have an under water battle with a doll maybe they could add Dances with the AIS like the game hawken

A quick swap for MTN and voice sounds like a good idea, sometimes you have an outfit that they just don't work for so It'd make sense.

Also I love the idea of having to swim out into the sea to get to the underwater areas, and the possibility of having to use like an underwater mobility divice to get to certain areas also sounds fun haha.

@USF agreed currently I am using the collaboration voice sword art online asuna yuuki ( not attainable anymore ) and when I have another outfit of zealous Quna assassin attire with persona The Mask mask I use a distorted voice of Dolce ( maybe unattainable as no idea how to get the memory fragments ) and I find it annoying that I cannot save them no does it keep the the pitch of -10/+10 because it makes it sound like I'm actually talking through a mask