816 blocked my account for no reason

816 blocked my account for no reason, and 816 did not explain the reason for 816. I also spent nearly 3000 Taiwan dollars in this game. I bought your house and drove me out of the house. Even if I complained, my account was forcibly blocked. I will pay you to blacklist people. I have never seen such a domineering business.

It is useless to appeal STEAM, no refund

Sega did not respond to request for a refund 816.png unknown.png 回信.png 開發者回信.png 退款回復.png STEAM購買紀錄.png

I have sent several letters to SEGA, but SEGA’s attitude is that it does not clearly point out where I am doing illegal activities, and does not explain at all. SEGA will only ask me to check the terms of service by myself?

There are so many illegal regulations in the terms of service, how could I know which one I violated?

SEGA blocked the account without explaining it, only asking the players to check the terms of service by themselves, which is completely evading responsibility!

I use legal channels to buy SEGA items, and SEGA will block me the next day. This tells me who should I call for compensation?

The result is that no one can compensate me!

Obviously, there are many victims like me in the PSO2 evaluation or discussion area!

But SEGA just doesn't give a clear explanation to these victims!

Why do we players who consume legally suffer such a sin!