NGS becoming increasingly unstable on initial load

I can't imagine why, I've actually done 3 reinstalls of the game, only one of which was intentional. And all my drivers and Windows is up to date, I keep up with this pretty much daily of my own (of my own free will, Windows, so stop checking for updates just minutes after I update you!). So you'd think any typical issue would have been solved from that alone.

So anyway, to what I've been experiencing:

  • My initial loads into the game on the first week were taking just seconds. Then ever since either that first emergency maintenance or that first DT (when I really started noticing) it started taking a minute, then two, then five plus minutes to load in for the first time (I had a 13 minutes load just yesterday, today's was only 3)

  • The map went from loading instantly, to suddenly this week it's actually struggling to load that right away, it's loading in partially, stuttering, then fully loading the map and icons.

  • One the game has loaded for the first time as well as the map I'm back to load tunnels taking a few seconds and instantly getting my map.

So, something is obviously horribly off. So I'm asking for suggestions to fix this! To reiterate everything is up to date and I've even done a complete reinstall within the past week.

I should add that today's initial load may have only taken 3 minutes, but this was after it decided to want to lose connection to the server after my first attempt after nearly 7 minutes. So in reality it was a 10 minute load...

EDIT - DCed again just now as the gitantix was dying. Everything looked smooth, then suddenly pop up and it kicks me. Same thing has actually been happening of the past week I'll get a DC within the first half hour or so of playing, then never again.

EDIT - Game made me a liar, another DC within 5 minutes of getting back on. This is actually a first. (630 errors both time, which I believe is just their timeout error code if I'm not mistaken)

let me add here that the first load after you open the game is also connecting to the servers so the overall time will be affected by your internet connection.

My internet is plenty fast, so that really should be a non issue unless. But there could still be something going on with the routing regardless, which would be out of my hands - for the most part anyway.

Today I actually loaded in under 5 with no crashes all day. If this were the norm I'd have never complained. I have a feeling this will be a fleeting moment for me 🤕 Problems like this rarely just fix themselves.

@Nasar How big is your SEGA folder with screenshots, log files and config in My Documents ? I had the same issue, everything was fine and ran smoothly without errors until update patch with Gigantix on June 23rd. Afterwards the game started behaving in weird manner, I experienced annoying "pso2.exe" application hangups, loading process slowed down and had a hiccup after logging in, draw of scratch tickets was met with occasional lag spikes.

I experienced similar issues with MapleStory 2 and was taught that game folder in My Documents was the culprit back then, corrupting config files if there were a lot of screenshots placed inside and generating problems with virtual memory. I tried the same with PSO2 and deleted content of SEGA folder from My Documents, it solved all issues at my side so maybe it'll help you too (make a backup copy of files before deleting them, just in case). I'm not 100% sure but maybe update patch from 6/23 corrupted config files (ie. user.pso2) and messed stuff up during merge process. It's worth trying it, I suppose.

Kind regards!

The entire folder is only 5 mb so that's not it. One of my three reinstalls was this past Sunday which included completely deleting this folder on the off chance it was exactly what you described (and I was also thinking, an ever growing log file).

Thanks for trying to help though!

Okay so I think I found the cause @Grond @Jamesmor

After doing some digging on some other tech forums. The most recent windows update apparently enabled a few new background/startup applications. Disabling them has done the trick. I just had a sub 1m load the the first time since the first week and the game isn't stuttering at all.

Leave it to Windows fucking bloatware, and their desire to forcefully download/install everything they deem "priority," to break everything else in the process. I really should have figured this was the case.