Controller lock on for xbox

This is in horrid shape. You can not pick what you want to lock on to. So Idea to fix it.

Only change the main target when you are holding the aim button. This way when you use the right stick it will only go to the aim points of that target, in place of just randomly picking a target. I think it is distance to the last target, but things move around to fast for me to be 100%. That is not good, because locking on to crit spots on the console is way harder than it needs to be.

Hope this helps o7

Did you know early years PSO2 didn't even let you lock on certain weak points? you had to manually aim to heads and such. Problem with your solution is, you can configure lock on button to either hold or toggle, so this doesn't work for both. As someone who mostly played Force for years I can see the inconvenience, but controller actually has it better than keyboard, with keyboard you pres tab to select another target, while controller you can pres right left or up down, and you get used to each enemy first lock then direction to lock their core. Also if you get a swarm of enemies maybe area attacks are more effective instead of single target ones.


When aiming at just bosses with multiple target areas you can not pick the one you want to aim at. You have to keep cycling and hope that the cycle hits on the one you want. Like the head/legs of Zeshraider/Dark Falz Arms/Dragon X/Many more. You can not aim effectively.

Then find A different solution, I am telling you all that aiming is really really bad on the xbox. It is very frustrating to not beable to aim at what you want. The state of the game how it first came out has nothing to do with now. Now they have a aiming system that is not working well, it needs improvement. I am glad they are progressing, but if they are going to do something do it correctly. As it is now it is worse than Too Humans lock on system, that is not a good thing.

I understand your want to defend a game you love. But this is a real issue with the xbox port, and one that should be addressed. Good game controls are a must! Frustrating your players because they can't lock on to a target when you have an aiming system is not the end result they want. They want a streamlined system or they would not of put this much work into it.

I don't understand why you say this is an xbox problem, I've played the game with controller for years, granted, I use a controller with gyro controls and can aim all right in TPS, if there is a problem, then is a problem about controllers, but PSO2 lets you play with keyboard and mouse on Xbox. Autoaim and lock on is not always going to work on distant enemies, free aim must be used in certain far away enemies like Var Lodos. If TPS is not working for you, try to adjust analog sensitivity.

It is not that it is not working, it that your camera and lock are the same thing. It also will change to a different target in place of staying on the same target. Saying do not use a controller on a console game is not fixing anyting. You do not want it to be a problem. But it is a problem on the xbox. The xbox is a console that mainly uses a contoller. They ported it to console. It should work better than " well its better than nothing. "

You are making this a me problem when the is an issue with the auto lock. I am just reporting it, telling them they need to look at it. It makes playing the game not fun. It is not fun not being able to lock on to anything, or hitting the button and hoping. I glad it works well for you on pc. But it don't work well on console. Idk why mayhaps they had to change some things to get it on xbox. Or they just need to give us more options in keybinds.

Either way the way it is now is a bad product that makes them look bad. It can turn people away. I am just reporting it. I have no idea what you are doing here. But you do you bud.

Good Hunting o7

Edit: A good example is that today 90% of my deaths were due to me having to run around to get a lock. I am a RNG. I am a cast. I should be able to lock on to what is in front of me when i hit the button and not what ever random add they picked to lock on. SH AM +11,+12 on Tundra both of those runs I had one death. From not being able to lock on to the thing charging me so I can dodge it. In stead it locked on to the left 1st and the back 2nd when I was already locked on to a Mammoth, I was just trying to lock on to it's button to kill it quick. In place of going up to the button, it changed to a wolf to my left/a yetti on a cliff behind me. That was not skill that was not user error, that was the auto lock not working well and costing me two s ranks on Advance SH mission. so 10 keys. That is a problem.