Error No. 630 When going to PSO2 Block

I can still manage to get to the PSO2 Blocks yesterday morning but after a few hours passed, when I try to go to the PSO2 Blocks, it seems that I have been banned perhaps? I always get the error 630. I thought at first it was my connection but it wasn't as I can play NGS without any hitch. I am not sure if reinstalling the whole game would help. Anyone here experienced this? Thank you!

@kafenowaaru Same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago, literally the same way it happened to you, I haven't been able to get back on to the PSO2 blocks since. I use the Steam version, I've tried validating the files and then reinstalling, even installed the MStore version, and I'm still unable to get to the PSO2 blocks.

@Dismal-Rei I see, actually I am also using the steam version, I do have the MS version but have not tried it yet. Will try it now. By the way, up till now you still haven't access the base PSO2 with your account?

I'm not on Steam and this issue STILL is present @.@ got in once when they launched NGS and not once since, some people have said to do only basewear or w/e that doesn't work in most cases and if that were the case I couldn't get into NGS as my outfits and such are from classic x.x Guess I'm waiting for a fix still haven't been able to look at markets in classic which is really annoying thanks to an extreme lack of things like weapon camo, can't go to classic to graba ny tho. I'm surprised this is still an issue knowing it's been over a month.

Same problem but on xbox 1 and another character that I started in base is grayed out.

@kafenowaaru Mhm, its July 16th now and I still can't access PSO2, no problems getting into NGS at all. I hope trying the MS version worked for you.

I was able to get in right after my reply, weird.

@ZaenxOdakai I don't think the layered or outfits matter, I've been using PSO2 body and clothes the whole time and still haven't been able to get in.

Okay? It might matter, I just tried after using only NGS body and head and now I'm able to get into PSO2, unless I just got lucky.

Entering PSO2 is a complete gamble regardless of what body type you use. That being said, from personal experience I can tell that using an NGS Base/Setwear or entering without Outwear does give give you better chances of entering the base game.

If I still can't enter with those condition after a few tries I just close and reopen the game, that does give me way better chances of entering.

Sorry for the late reply. I just knew about this. If your current Base PSO2 Inventory is already full e.g 50/50 and you are trying to enter the base game wearing anything that will reflect on PSO2 (In my case my outerwear), this will make the current inventory 51/50 thus an internal error would occur. Someone in the forum suggested that to me and when I tried to remove my outerwear and store it in the storage, I was now able to access the base game again!

@kafenowaaru ahh, that does make sense, ill clear my PSO2 inventory and see if that helps with better luck or if it works at all, thank you for sharing that.

EDIT: I think that was what got me in, apparently I cleared my PSO2 inventory before, just checked it and it's 17/50, so that has to be it.