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It looks like the prams for some of these need to be looked over. Because they are spawning stuff in an area that it can't fit well. This causes the player to be pushed to close to the wall so you can no longer see your chararter on screen. This makes fighting close to impossable because you can not dodge attacks.

They are cool I like them, but they need to be honed in a bit. Put a npc size limitation rule on the spawns. Because who does not love two dragons spawning in a place that can not handle it.

Also your spawn restrictions for having client orders is quite obvious. Really I would remove it or tone it way down. Because I picked up on that in less than an hour and testing has just super confirmed it. Even on missions that are ment to spawn a lot of the target, you will get way less more spawn is if you have a kill client order. Stuff like this is perdition on the players. People will still spend money with out it, all you do with stuff like this is turn people off. So you have less people spending money.

It is about volume, I want you all to make tons of money so that we get more games like this. You do not need to do these cheesy tactics, your game is good enough to stand with out them.

Good Hunting o7

Hi there @Rabid-Kiwi! We appreciate your suggestion for this and will let the relevant team about this. Thanks for this! *Moved to the In-game Suggestion.