[NGS] Lighting Errors in South Aelio Caves

I'm running pretty much the lowest of the low end, but the game still runs, relatively decently at that. I have the game set to the bare minimum with the graphics, everything is either off, or at the lowest minus texture quality because the low res textures can make things kinda creepy looking. I noticed that there is a lighting error in the caves of south Aelio when shadow quality is set to 1. If I set the shadow quality to 2 or higher, the bug is fixed, but my frames are sacrificed as a result of the realtime lighting and drawing of shadows. The bug looks like this.Screenshot (757).png I'm not too sure what causes this, but for reference, my specs are as follows. OS: Windows 10 latest as of July/9/2021 CPU: Intel core i3 7th generation clock speed 2.4GHZ GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620 4 GB VRAM RAM: 8GB unknown type RAM This very well could be a result of my integrated graphics being integrated graphics, but it's strange that increasing shadow quality fixes this bug temporarily. I attempted repairing my C drive to see if that fixed the bug as it was suggested as a fix, but this screenshot was taken after that, showing that this wasn't the problem either.Screenshot (758).png I'm not sure what the cause of this is, but any ideas as to what may fix it would be greatly appreciated.

I have issues here too.

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